Olivia Wilde

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The television actress Olivia Wilde (USA, 1984) debuted as a filmmaker with the teen comedy Booksmart (2019). Molly and Amy are best friends and they stand out in school because they only focus on school while the other kids party. Molly is also the president of the students. Amy has signed up to volunteer in Africa. The other students were not serious about studying and spent most of their time partying. Molly and Amy are convinced that they will succeed in life where the others will fail. It's the last day of high school and they have been accepted in major universities and assume that the other kids have not. However, in the restrooms Molly overhears three kids making fun of her. She confronts them unashamed and tells them that, yes she is boring, but she will go to the prestigious Yale Univ, and then she learns that the others too have been accepted to major universities: Yale (a girl popular with guys because she likes to have sex), Stanford (a kid who is good at sports), and the third one at a major corporation where he will be a highly-paid software engineer. Molly suddenly realizes that she and Amy missed out on the fun and got nothing more than the others. Amy is in love with Ryan, a fun girl, but never managed to get her attention. Molly convinces Amy to attend a party that they were planning to snob, a party organized by a kid, Nick, who is very popular but Molly detests. Molly wants to catch up in one night what they missed for four years. They have trouble finding out the address because their friends don't answer the phone: they never socialized with them. Molly calls Jared, a rich obnoxious kid who probably knows the address of the party, but Jared instead takes them to his own private party on his own private yacht. The party has music and waitresses, but no guests other than a party girl named Gigi. While Jared is pathetically trying to entertain Molly as the dj, Gigi gets high and jumps overboard into the water. Amy has had enough and wants to go home but Molly invokes their friendship and Amy accepts to tag along. Finally someone texts Molly the address. Molly calls a cab and the driver turns out to be their school principal, who needs extra income. In the car Molly shows Amy a porn video to educate the extravirgin Amy about sex. They finally arrive at the house of the party to find out that they have been given the wrong address and it's a murder mystery party organized by a kid who dreams of becoming a playwright. They are drafted to play two characters. They find the ubiquitous Gigi, who inebriates them with powerful drugs. They collapse and wake up turned into dolls. They eventually walk out and recover enough to argue again: Molly is still determined to get to Nick's party, Amy is more reluctant than ever until she learns from Gigi that Molly is in love with Nick. Molly has always pretended to hate Nick but now Amy realizes that Molly has a secret crush on him. Now it's Amy, a good friend, who is determined to get Molly to Nick's party. They turn detectives and find out which address is ordering lots of pizzas. They ambush the pizza delivery boy but they are so clumsy that he ends up lecturing them about safety. Eventually he gives them the address but then Amy forgets the phone in his car and Molly's phone has dead batteries, so they can't call a cab. Luckily a young teacher shows up and offers to give them a ride after encouraging them to party and even gives them party clothes. The young teacher herself is intrigued to attend the party because one of the kids, a Mexican kid named Theo, has a crush on her. They finally reach Nick's party. Molly imagines that Nick grabs her like in the romantic scene of a vintage Hollywood movie and then proceeds to flirt with him. Gigi is at that party too, drugged as usual. Amy tries again to socialize with Ryan. Their teacher decides to check out the party after all and Theo does not waste time and start flirting with her. Unfortunately, Amy sees Nick, the boy Molly likes, kissing Ryan, the girl Amy likes. Amy tells Molly, still unaware, that they have to leave. Molly refuses and they get into a big argument: Amy accuses Molly of always bullying her. Amy is devastated: heartbroken because of Ryan and abandoned by her best friend. Amy ends up kissing Hope, a rude girl that she meets in the bathroom, and almost has sex with her but screws up and vomits on her. The rich Jared confesses to Molly that he is lonely and still a virgin. Molly finally sees Nick kissing Ryan and understands why Amy wanted her to leave. The police arrive. All the kids hide outside. Amy decides to take control of the situation: she distracts the cops so that the other kids can escape. Molly is outside looking for her. Triple A, the girl popular with guys because she likes to have sex, gives Molly a ride home. In the morning Molly finds out that Amy has been arrested and visits her in jail. Molly notices a wanted poster: the pizza delivery guy is actually the "valley strangler", the most wanted criminal. They volunteer information to the police and Amy gets released in time to get to graduation. Amy drives like a maniac and even crashes the school's gate to get to the ceremony in time. Amy is cheered by the students like a hero. Molly kisses Jared on stage and then delivers the graduation speech. When Amy is ready packing her clothes at home, the rude girl, Hope, shows up. Molly witnesses the meeting and is shocked. Molly drives Amy to the airport. They part almost crying. But then Amy changes her mind and comes back. It is not clear whether she still intends to catch her flight.
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