Xiaoshuai Wang

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Xiaoshuai Wang

Shiqi sui de dan che/ Beijing Bicycle (2001) is centered upon class conflict and the urban-rural divide in capitalist China.

A poor boy from the countryisde, Guei, moves to the capital, buys an expensive bicycle and finds a job as messenger. He is hard working and little talkative, a simple soul in a cruel world. He slowly pays off the bicycle, but one day a thief steals it. He loses his job, but jos boss promises to take him back if he finds his bicycle. Guei starts roaming the cities and the parks of the city, desperately seeking his bike that now represents his entire future. The bicycle has been purchased by a spoiled city boy, who has stolen money from his father, because his father refused to buy a bicycle for him (preferring to pay for his sister's studies). The city boy, Jian, wants to show off to his very westernized friends and especially to a sweet girl, Qin. He uses the bike to romance her, but is too shy to make the first move. One day Guei recognizes Jian's bike as his own and steals it back. Chased by Jian and his friends, Guei is almost beaten. But Guei is stubborn, and finds another way to steal the bike. He gets his job back, and starts riding through the city again. One day he accidentally hits a gorgeous-looking girl (another spoiled and westernized figure) who doesn't even look at him. He is fascinated by the decadent girl. Jian's friends find out where he works, chase him and beat him (in a bicycle version of Hollywood's car chases). But Guei is stubborn, and shows up at Jian's place, confronting not only Jian but also his father, and his father understands what happened: Jian stole the money that disappeared from the house, and then bought the bike from the thief. Jian's father returns the bike to Guei, who has hardly said one word more than necessary to claim his bike. Guei behaves like an animal: it is his bike, and lives only to get it back, and doesn't know any other way to get it back than take it or ask for it. Jian is under pressure from girls and his gang to regain his bike, no matter who is the legitimate owner. When he is surrounded by Jian's friend, Guei is totally incapable of definind himself: he simply repeats that the bike is his. He desperately clings to him bike as they are pulling it from him, and then starts screaming: he is fighting for his future in the city. The gang eventually gives up: they are good boys after all. They spend the rest of the day arguing, until eventually one of them finds a compromise acceptable to both parties: they will share the bike. While the fight and the negotiations go on, one can see the lights and hear the noises of the city in the background. So they start a strange friendship, using the bike every other day. But Jian seems to have lost Qin. When another spoiled kid, member of another gang, starts romancing her, he grabs a brick and hits him in the head. Then returns the bike to Guei for good: he doesn't need the bike anymore. The gang that is chasing Jian sees the two together, and they start chasing both. They both get beaten, and the bicycle gets destroyed. Guei grabs a brick and hits the kid that is kicking it.
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