Lordan Zafranovic

Best films:
, /10

Croat director Lordan Zafranovic, perhaps the most important filmmaker of the Croatian Spring of the late 1960s, started out analyzing generational conflicts in Nedjelja/ Sunday (1969), starring Goran Markovic. Following Dalmatinska Kronika/ Dalmatian Chronicle (1972), he criticized the "bourgeoisization" of the working class in Muke po Mati/ Passion According to Matthew (1975), photographed by Karpo Godina. This film began the collaboration with Mirko Kovac. Together they worked on a trilogy of partisan movies that began with Okupacija u 26 Slika/ Occupation in 26 Pictures (1978), also photographed by Karpo Godina, set in the early days of World War II in Croatia when the Germans and the Italians invaded and installed the fascist Ustase, a trilogy continued with Pad Italije/ The Fall of Italy (1981), that depicts the anarchy in Croatia after the fall of Mussolini in Italy (looting, massacres, orgies, German retaliations), and closed by Vecernja Zvona/ Evening Bells (1986), an adaptation of Mirko Kovac's novel set before, during and right after World War II.

In between he also made Ujed Andela/ The Angelís Bite (1984).

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