The best English Books of the 20th Century

selected by piero scaruffi

Writers born between 1900 and 1919

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UK 900 Brierley Walter -Means test man,35
UK 900 Hilton James -Goodbye Mr Chips,34
UK 900 Hilton James -Lost horizon,33
UK 900 Hilton James -Random harvest,41
UK 900 Household Geoffry -Rogue male,39
UK 900 Hughes Richard V High wind in Jamaica,29
UK 900 Hughes Richard -In Hazard,38
UK 900 Hughes Richard -Fox in the attic,61
AUS900 Lindsay Jack
UK 900 Mannin Ethel
US 900 Mitchell Margaret -Gone with the wind,36
EIR900 O'Faolain Sean -Bird alone,36
UK 900 Pritchett Victor -Dead man leading,37
US 900 Wolfe Thomas V Of time and river,35
US 900 Wolfe Thomas V Look homeward angel,29
US 900#Winters Yvor
UK 900*Bunting Basil
UK 901 Bell Adrian -Corduroy,30
UK 901 Cartland Barbara
UK 901 Collier John -His monkey wife,30
AUS901 Dark Eleanor -Return to Coolami,36
AUS901 Dark Eleanor -Timeless land,41
AUS901 Dark Eleanor Prelude to Christopher,34
AUS901 Dark Eleanor -Little company,45
UK 901 Davies Rhys -Jubilee blues,38
UK 901 Gibbon Lewis Sunset song, 32
UK 901 Gibbon Lewis -Cloud Howe, 33
UK 901 Hampson John -Saturday night at the Greyhound,31
EIR901 Hanley James Closed harbour,52
EIR901 Hanley James Boy,31
AUS901 Herbert Xavier
US 901 Hurston Zora -Their eyes were watching god,37
UK 901 Strachey Julia -Cheerful weather,32
US 901 Wescott Glenway -Grandmothers,27
US 901 Wescott Glenway -Pilgrim Hawk,40
EIR901#Johnston Denis
UK 901#VanDruten John I am a camera,51
UK 901$Mitchell Gladys Speedy death,29
UK 901$Mitchell Gladys Rising of the moon,45
UK 901$Mitchell Gladys Lament for Leto,71
SA 901*Campbell Roy ++
CND901*Livesay Dorothy
US 901*Riding Laura +
AUS901*Slessor Kenneth +
UK 901@Kavan Anna iCe,67
UK 902 Gibbons Stella -Cold comfort farm,32
UK 902 Green Frederick -Odd man out,45
US 902 Matthiessen PeterV At Play in the fields of the lords, 65
US 902 Matthiessen Peter Killing Mr Watson,90
NZ 902 Stead Christian -Death of the body,86
AUS902 Stead Christina -Cotter's England,66
AUS902 Stead Christina +Man who loved chidren,40
US 902 Steinbeck John -Of mice and men,37
US 902 Steinbeck John V East of Eden,52
US 902 Steinbeck John V Grapes of wrath,39
US 902 Steinbeck John V Tortilla flat,35
UK 902 Stuart Francis -Black list,71
US 902#Kesselring Joseph +Arsenic and old lace,41
US 902*Fearing Kenneth +
AUS902*Fitzgerald Robert
US 902*Hughes Langston +
US 902*Nash Ogden +
UK 902*Roberts MIchael
UK 902*Roberts Michael
CND902*Smith AJM
UK 902*Smith Stevie
UK 902 Smith Stevie -Novel on yellow paper,36
US 903 Boyle Kay -Plagued by the nightingale,30
US 903 Caldwell Erskine -God's little acre,33
US 903 Caldwell Erskine V Tobacco road,32
CND903 Callaghan Morley -Such is my beloved,34
CND903 Callaghan Morley -More joy in heaven,37
UK 903 Common Jack
UK 903 Connolly Cyril -Rock pool,36
US 903 Cozzens James -Castaway,34
US 903 Cozzens James -Just and unjust,42
US 903 Cozzens James V By love possessed,57
US 903 Cozzens James Guard of honor,48
UK 903 Duggan Alfred
UK 903 Edwards Dorothy -Winter sonata,28
UK 903 Greenwood Walter -Love on the Dole,33
UK 903 Lehmann Rosamund -Dusty answer,27
UK 903 Lehmann Rosamund -Echoing grave,53
US 903 Nin Anais V Children of the albatross,47
US 903 Nin Anais V Ladders to fire,46
EIR903 O'Connor Frank
UK 903 Orwell George -Burmese days,34
UK 903 Orwell George -Clergyman's daughter,35
UK 903 Orwell George Animal farm,45
SA 903 Paton Alan -Cry the beloved country,48
SA 903 Paton Alan -Too late the Pahalarope,53
SA 903 Plomer WIlliam -Turbott Wolfe,26
UK 903 Robertson Eileen -Four frightened people,31
NZ 903 Sagerson Frank -Memoirs of a Peon,65
NZ 903 Sargeson Frank -Memoirs of a peon,65
UK 903 Upward Edward -Spiral ascent,77
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn V Decline and fall,28
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn Vile bodies, 30
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn Black mischief, 32
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn V +Handful of dust, 34
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn V Scoop,38
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn -Put out more flags,42
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn V Brideshead revisited,45
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn V Loved one,48
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn -Helena,50
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn -Men at arms,52
UK 903 Waugh Evelyn -Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold,57
US 903 Wellek Rene
US 903 West Nat V Cool million,34
US 903 West Nat V Day of locust,39
US 903 West Nat V Miss Lonelyhearts,33
US 903$Woolrich -Bride wore black,40
US 903*Cullen Countee
US 903*Rakosi Kare
UK 903@Orwell George V 1984,49
UK 903@Wyndham John Chrysalids,55
UK 903@Wyndham John Midwick cuckoo,57
UK 903@Wyndham John Random Quest
UK 903@Wyndham John V Day of the Triffids,51
UK 904 Acton Harold
US 904 Blackmur Richard
EIR904 Buchanan George
US 904 Farrell James V Studs Lonigan,35
UK 904 Greene Graham -England made me,35
UK 904 Greene Graham V Brighton rock,38
UK 904 Greene Graham V Power and the glory,40
UK 904 Greene Graham V Heart of the matter,48
UK 904 Greene Graham -Quiet american,55
UK 904 Greene Graham -Travels with my aunt,69
UK 904 Greene Graham -Honorable consul,73
UK 904 Hamilton Patrick -Craven house,26
UK 904 Hamilton Patrick Hangover square,41
UK 904 Hamilton Patrick Slaves of soolitude,47
UK 904#Hamilton Patrick Rope, 29
UK 904#Hamilton Patrick Gaslight, 38
UK 904 Isherwood Chris -Memorial,32
UK 904 Isherwood Chris Mr Norris changes trains,35
UK 904 Isherwood Chris -Goodbye to Berlin,39
UK 904 Isherwood Chris -Single man,64
UK 904 Mitford Nancy -Pursuit of love,45
UK 904 Mitford Nancy -Love in a cold climate,49
US 904 Simak Clifford
EIR904 Stern James
UK 904#Hamilton Patrick Gaslight,28
UK 904#Hamilton Patrick Rope,29
US 904#Hart Moss You can't take it with you,36
UK 904$Allingham Margery Tiger in the smoke,52
UK 904$Greene Graham Third man,50
UK 904$Greene Graham V Confidential agent, 39
UK 904$Greene Graham V Our man in Havana,58
UK 904$Hamilton Patrick Rope,29
CND904*Birney Earle
UK 904*DayLewis Cecil +
US 904*Eberhart Rick
NZ 904*Fairburn Arthur
US 904*Zukofsky Louis V +++
US 904@Hamilton Edmond -Star kings,49
US 904@Simak Clifford ?Way station,63
US 905 Ayn Rand -Fountainhead,43
US 905 Ayn Rand -Atlas Shrugged,57
IND905 Anand Mulk +Private life of an indian prince,53
IND905 Anand Mulk +Untouchable,35
IND905 Anand Mulk -Coolie,36
NZ 905 Ashton-Warner Sylv -Spinster,58
UK 905 Bates Herbert -Fair stood the wind of France,44
UK 905 Bates Herbert -Purple plain,47
UK 905 Bates Herbert -Darling buds of May,58
SA 905 Bosman Herman -Willemsdorp,77
EIR905 Farrell M (Keane) -Rising tide,37
UK 905 Green Henry V +Concluding,48
UK 905 Green Henry V Living, 29
UK 905 Green Henry V Party going,39
UK 905 Green Henry Caught,43
UK 905 Green Henry V Loving,45
UK 905 Green Henry V Nothing, 50
UK 905 Green Henry V Doting, 52
UK 905 Jenkins Elizabeth -Tortoise and the hare,54
EIR905 Keane Molly -Good behavior,81
EIR905 Keane Molly see Farrell M
UK 905 Koestler Arthur V Darkness at noon,40
UK 905 Lehmann Rosamond -Dusty answer,27
AUK905 Mais Roger
US 905 O'Hara John V Appointment in Samarra,34
US 905 O'Hara John -Rage to live,49
UK 905 Powell Anthony Afternoon men,31
UK 905 Powell Anthony V A question of upbringing,51
UK 905 Powell Anthony -Acceptance world,55
UK 905 Quennell Peter
UK 905 Renault Mary -Charioteer,53
UK 905 Renault Mary -Last of the wine,56
UK 905 Snow Charles -George Passant,40
UK 905 Snow Charles -Light and the dark,47
UK 905 Snow Charles V Masters,51
UK 905 Snow Charles V Corridors of power,64
US 905 Trilling Lionel
US 905 Trumbo Dalton -Johnny got his gun,39
UK 905 Warner Rex V Aerodrome,41
US 905 Warren Robert V Night Rider,39
US 905 Warren Robert V All the king's men,46
US 905#Hellman Lilian Another part of the forest,46
US 905#Hellman Lilian Children's hour,34
US 905#Hellman Lilian Little foxes,39
UK 905#Williams Emily
US 905$Queen Ellery V Roman hat mistery,29
UK 905*Cameron Norman +
UK 905*Grigson Geoffrey
UK 905*Jones Glyn
EIR905*Kavanagh Patrick +
US 905*Kunitz Stanley
NZ 905*Mason Ronald
US 905*Rexroth Kenneth +
US 905*Warren Robert +
UK 905@Russell Eric -Sinister barrier,43
EIR906 Beckett Samuel Watt,53
EIR906 Beckett Samuel V Malone dies,50
EIR906 Beckett Samuel V Molloy,51
EIR906 Beckett Samuel V Murphy,38
EIR906 Beckett Samuel V Unnamable,50
IND906 Bhattacharya Bhabani
US 906 Brown Fredrick
SA 906 Hyde Robin
IND906 Narayan Rasipuran Mr Sampath,47
IND906 Narayan RasipuranV Guide,58
IND906 Narayan Rasipuran -Painter of signs,76
UK 906 Panter-Downes Mol -One fine day,47
US 906 Roth Henry V Call it sleep,34
SA 906 VanDerPost Lauren
SA 906 VanDerPost Laurens -Heart of the hunter,61
UK 906 White Terence V Sword in the stone,38
UK 906 White Terence V Queen of air and darkness,40
UK 906 White Terence V Ill-made knight,41
UK 906 White Terence V Candle in the wind,58
US 906#Kingsley Sidney
US 906#Odets Clifford Awake and sing,35
US 906#Odets Clifford Big knife,48
US 906#Odets Clifford Night music,40
UK 906$Chase James -No orchids for Miss Blandish,39
UK 906$Innes Michael Secret vanguard,40
UK 906$Stewart John
US 906$Thompson Jim +Pop 1280,64
UK 906*Betjeman John +(Summoned by bells)
UK 906*Bottrall Ronald +
UK 906*Empson William +
UK 906*Watkins Vernon
UK 906*Wingfield Sheila
US 906@Brown Fredric -What mad universe,49
US 907 Baker Dorothy -Trio,43
US 907 Baker Dorothy -Young man with a horn,38
US 907 Baker Dorothy Cassandra at the wedding,62
UK 907 Caudwell Chris
AUK907 Deboissiere Ralph
UK 907 DuMaurier Daphne -Rebecca,38
IND907 Godden Rumer -Black narcissus,39
UK 907 Hutchinson Ray -Testament,38
UK 907 Jones Gwyn
EIR907 Laverty Maura -Never no more,42
UK 907 Llewellyn Richard How green was my valley,39
CND907 MacLennan Hugh
US 907 Michener James -Sayonara,54
UK 907 Worsley Terence
UK 907#Auden William Ascent of F6,37
UK 907#Fry Christopher Lady's not for burning,48
UK 907#Fry Christopher Venus observed,50
UK 907*Auden William V ++
UK 907*Bell Julian
EIR907*Hewitt John
AUS907*Hope Alec +
US 907*Kirstein Lincoln
UK 907*Lehmann JOhn
UK 907*Lehmann John
UK 907*MacNeice Louis +
UK 907*Scovell Edith
US 907@Heinlein Robert V Starship troopers,59
US 907@Heinlein Robert V Stranger in a strange land,61
US 907@Heinlein Robert All you zombies,
US 907@Sprague de Camp -Lest darkness fall,41
UK 908 Balchin Nigel -Small back room,43
UK 908 Brooke Jocelyn -Military orchid,48
UK 908 Brooke Jocelyn V Image of drawn sword,50
UK 908 Calder-Marshall -Scarlet boy,61
EIR908 Devlin Denis
UK 908 Frankau Pamela -Willow cabin,49
US 908 Gellhorn Martha -Stricken field,40
UK 908 Lewis Norman
UK 908 Liddell Robert
UK 908 Manning Olivia -School for love,51
UK 908 Manning Olivia V Great fortune,60
UK 908 Manning Olivia -Levant trilogy,80
US 908 Maltz Albert
US 908 Prokosch Frederic -Asiatics,35
IND908 Rao Raja +Serpent and the rope,60
IND908 Rao Raja -Cat and Shakespeare,65
IND908 Rao Raja Kantharupa,38
CND908 Ross SInclair
US 908 L'Amour Luis
US 908 Maxwell William -Time will darken it,48
US 908 Saroyan William -Short stories
US 908 Wright Richard -Outsider,53
US 908 Wright Richard V Native son,40
UK 908#Ackland Rodney Dark river,41
UK 908#Ackland Rodney Pink room,51
US 908#Oppen George
US 908#Saroyan William Hello out there,42
US 908#Saroyan William Time of your life,36
UK 908$Fleming Ian Casino royale,53
UK 908$Fleming Ian on her majesty's secret service,63
CND908*Dudek Louis
UK 908*Raine Kathleen +
US 908*Roethke Theodore V +
US 908@Williamson Jack -Legions of space,47
US 909 Agee James V A death in the family,57
US 909 Algren Nelson -A walk on the wild side,56
US 909 Algren Nelson -Never come morning,42
US 909 Algren Nelson V Man with the golden arm,49
UK 909 Ambler Eric
US 909 Clark Walter Ox-bow incident,40
UK 909 Comyns Barbara -Vet's daughter,59
IND909 Desani Govindas
US 909 Fuchs Daniel -Summer in Williamsburg,34
US 909 Himes Chester --Pinktoes,61
US 909 Himes Chester -If he hollers let him go,45
UK 909 Lowry Malcom V Ultramarine,33
UK 909 Lowry Malcom V Under the volcano,47
AUK909 Mittelholzer Edgar Children of Kaywana,52
US 909 Welty Eudora -Robber bridegroom,42
US 909 Welty Eudora Delta wedding, 45
US 909 Welty Eudora Golden apples,49
US 909 Welty Eudora V Optimist's daughter,72
US 909 Welty Eudora V Losing battles,70
UK 909$Ambler Eric -Epitaph for a spy,38
UK 909$Ambler Eric -Uncommon danger,37
UK 909$Ambler Eric Mask of Dimitrios,39
NZ 909*Brasch Charles
UK 909*Bruce George
UK 909*Garioc Robert
CND909*Klein Abraham
UK 909*Pudney John
UK 909*Reeves James +
UK 909*Rodgers William
UK 909*Spencer Bernard
UK 909*Spender Stephen V ++
US 910 Bowles Paul Up above the world,67
US 910 Bowles Paul V Sheltering sky,49
UK 910 Cooper William -Scenes of provincial life,50
US 910 DeVries Peter -Mackerel plaza,58
US 910 DeVries Peter Blood of the lamb,61
UK 910 Green George -In the making,52
US 910 Morris Wright Ceremony in lone tree,60
US 910 Morris Wright Field of vision, 56
US 910 Morris Wright Plains song,80
US 910 Morris Wright V Love among the cannibals,57
UK 910*McCaig Norman
US 910*Olson Charles +++
UK 911 Allen Walter -All of a lifetime,59
UK 911 Bedford Sybille +Legacy,56
US 911 Calisher Hortense -Textures of life,63
US 911 Fante John -Wait until spring Bandini,38
UK 911 Golding William V Lord of the flies,54
UK 911 Golding William V Inheritors,55
UK 911 Golding William V Pincher Martin,56
UK 911 Golding William V Spire,65
UK 911 Golding William V Darkness visible,79
UK 911 Golding William Rites of passage,80
US 911 Goodman Paul V Empire city,59
UK 911 Heppenstall Rayner -Blaze of noon,39
UK 911 Heppenstall Rayner -Connecting door,62
US 911 Miles Josephine
EIR911 O'Brien Flann +At swim-two-birds,39
EIR911 O'Brien Flann +Third policeman,67
UK 911 Peake Mervyn V Titus Groan,46
UK 911 Peake Mervyn Gormengha,50
UK 911 Peake Mervyn V Titus Alone,59
US 911 Williams Tenness -Roman spring of Mrs Stone,50
UK 911#Rattigan Terence Browning version,48
UK 911#Rattigan Terence Deep blue sea, 52
UK 911#Rattigan Terence French without tears,36
UK 911#Rattigan Terence While the sun shines,43
US 911#Williams Tenness V +Cat on a hot tin roof,56
US 911#Williams Tenness V +Streetcar named desire,47
US 911#Williams Tenness +Suddenly last summer,58
US 911#Williams Tenness V Glass menagerie,45
US 911#Williams Tenness V Sweet bird of youth,59
US 911#Williams Tenness Vieux carre,79
US 911#Williams Tenness V Night of the iguana,61
US 911#Williams Tenness V Rose tattoo,51
US 911*Bishop Elizabeth +++
US 911*Cunningham James
NZ 911*Curnow Allen +
UK 911*Gittings Robert
UK 911*Maclean Somhairle
US 911*Patchen Kenneth +
IND912 All Ahmed
UK 912 Carr James Lloyd -A month in the country,80
US 912 Cheever John V Bullet park,69
US 912 Cheever John V Falconer,77
US 912 Cheever John V Wapshot Chronicle,57
US 912 Cheever John V Wapshot Scandal,64
UK 912 Dennis Nigel
UK 912 Durrell Lawrence V Alexandria quartet,60
UK 912 Johnson Pamela -Error of judgement,62
UK 912 Johnson Pamela -Unspeakable Skipton,58
EIR912 Lavin Mary
UK 912 MacLaren-Ross Jul Of love and hunger,47
UK 912 MacLaren-Ross Jul -Bitten by a tarantula,45
US 912 McCarthy Mary V Group,63
UK 912 Sansom William -Body,49
UK 912 Sarton May
UK 912 Taylor Elizabeth -Palladian,46
UK 912 Taylor Elizabeth Angel,57
UK 912 Taylor Elizabeth In a summer season,61
UK 912 Taylor Elizabeth -Wedding group,68
UK 912 Taylor Elizabeth -Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont,71
UK 912 Urquhart Fred
CND912 VanVogt Alfred
UK 912 Wesley Mary -Jumping the queue,83
UK 912 Wesley Mary Camomile lawn,84
AUS912 White Patrick V Voss,57
AUS912 White Patrick V Aunt's story,48
AUS912 White Patrick V Solid mandala,66
AUS912 White Patrick V Vivisector,70
AUS912 White Patrick V Eye of the storm,73
US 912#Kanin Garson +Born yesterday,46
UK 912$Symons Julian Progress of a crime,60
UK 912*Allott Kenneth
UK 912*Fuller Roy +
NZ 912*Glover Denis +
UK 912*Hassall Chris
CND912*Layton Irving +
SA 912*Madge Charles
SA 912*Prince Frank
UK 912*Ridler Anne
US 912@VanVogt Alfred V Slan,46
CND913 Davies Robertson Cornish trilogy,91
CND913 Davies Robertson V Salterton trilogy,58
CND913 Davies Robertson V Deptford trilogy,83
NZ 913 Davin Dan
IND913 Malgonkar Manohar
US 913 Olsen Tillie -Yonnondio,74
UK 913 Pym Barbara -Some tame gazelle,50
UK 913 Pym Barbara V Excellent women, 52
UK 913 Pym Barbara V Glass of blessings,58
UK 913 Pym Barbara V Sweet dove died,78
UK 913 Pym Barbara V Quartet in Autumn,78
UK 913 Pym Barbara V A few green leaves,80
AUK913 Reid Vic
UK 913 Smart Elizabeth By Grand Central station,45
US 913 Weidman Jerome I Can Get It For You Wholesale, 37
US 913 Weidman Jerome -Fourth street east,70
UK 913 Wilson Angus Hemlock and after,52
UK 913 Wilson Angus V Anglosaxon attitudes,56
UK 913 Wilson Angus -Middle age of Mrs Eliot,58
UK 913 Wilson Angus -Old men at the zoo,61
UK 913 Wilson Angus -Late call,64
UK 913 Wilson Angus No laughing matter,67
US 913#Inge William Bus stop,55
US 913#Inge William Picnic,53
US 913#Inge William Come back little Sheila
US 913#Shaw Irwin Bury the dead,36
UK 913*Barker George +
US 913*Rukeyser Muriel +
US 913*Schwartz Delmore V ++
US 913*Shapiro Karl +
NZ 913*Stewart Douglas +
UK 913*Thomas Ronald +
UK 913*Young DOuglas
US 913@Bester Alfred Demolished man,53
US 914 Burroughs William -Junkie,53
US 914 Burroughs William +Soft machine,68
US 914 Burroughs William +Ticket that exploded,62
US 914 Burroughs William Exterminator,74
US 914 Burroughs WilliamV Naked lunch,59
US 914 Burroughs WilliamV Nova express,64
US 914 Ellison WilliamV Invisible man,52
US 914 Fast Howard
US 914 Hersey John -Bell for Adano,44
US 914 Jarrell Randall -Pictures from an institution,54
UK 914 Lee Laurie -Cider with Rosie,59
US 914 Lockridge Ross -Raintree country,48
UK 914 MacInnes Colin -City of spades,57
UK 914 MacInnes Colin Absolute beginners,59
US 914 Malamud Bernard V Natural,51
US 914 Malamud Bernard V Assistant,59
US 914 Malamud Bernard V New life,61
US 914 Malamud Bernard V Fixer,67
US 914 Malamud Bernard V Tenants,71
US 914 Malamud Bernard -Dublin lives,79
US 914 Malamud Bernard -God's grace,82
UK 914 Masters John
US 914 Schulberg Budd What makes Sammy run,41
AUK914#Duncan Ronald This way to the tomb,46
UK 914#Thomas Dylan Under the milk wood,53
UK 914&Aickman Robert
US 914*Berryman John V +++
US 914*Jarrell Randall +
UK 914*Joseph Michael
UK 914*Lee Laurie
UK 914*Nicholson Norman +
UK 914*Reed Henry
UK 914*Sisson Charles +
UK 914*Thomas Dylan V +
UK 915 Baxter Walter -Look down in mercy,51
US 915 Bellow Saul V Augie March,53
US 915 Bellow Saul V Dangling man,44
US 915 Bellow Saul V Dean's december,82
US 915 Bellow Saul V Henderson the rain king,59
US 915 Bellow Saul V Herzog,64
US 915 Bellow Saul V Humboldt's gift,75
US 915 Bellow Saul V More die of heartbreaker,87
US 915 Bellow Saul V MrSammler's Planet,70
US 915 Bellow Saul V Seize the day,56
US 915 Bellow Saul V Victim,47
US 915 Condon Richard -Prizzi's honour,88
US 915 Condon Richard Manchurian candidate,59
UK 915 Dick Kay
US 915 Goyen William -Arcadio,82
US 915 Goyen William Come the restorer,74
IND915 Singh Khushwant
US 915 Stafford Jean -Catherine Wheel, 51
US 915 Stafford Jean -Mountain lion, 47
US 915 Stafford Jean Boston adventure,44
UK 915 Welch Denton -In youth is pleasure,45
US 915#Miller Arthur +Death of a salesman,49
US 915#Miller Arthur A view from the bridge,55
US 915#Miller Arthur All my sons,47
US 915#Miller Arthur Crucible,53
US 915$MacDonald Ross V Moving target,49
AUK915*Berry Francis
AUS915*CAmpbell David
UK 915*Cornford Rupert
UK 915*Dickinson Patrick
UK 915*Fraser George
UK 915*Hay George
UK 915*Lewis Alun
US 915*Merton Thomas V ++
NZ 915*Smith Sidney
AUS915*Wright Judith +
US 915@DelRey Lester Eleventh commandement,62
US 915@Kuttner Henry -Beyond earth's gates,54
UK 916 Burgess Anthony V Earthly powers,80
UK 916 Burgess Anthony V Clockwork orange,62
UK 916 Burgess Anthony V Enderby,63
US 916 Burns John -Gallery,47
UK 916 Chaplin Sid
UK 916 Clemo Jack
UK 916 Dahl Roald -Gremlins,43
UK 916 Dahl Roald -James and the giant peach,61
UK 916 Fielding Gabriel
UK 916 Fitzgerald Penel Bookshop,78
UK 916 Fitzgerald Penel -Offshore,79
UK 916 Fitzgerald Penel Beginning of spring,88
UK 916 Fitzgerald Penel Gate of angels,90
UK 916 Fitzgerald Penel Blue flower, 97
UK 916 Hanley Gerald
US 916 Hardwick Elizabet -Sleepless nights,79
US 916 Marshall Paule Brown girl,59
UK 916 Maugham Robin -Servant,48
US 916 Percy Walker V Last getleman,66
US 916 Percy Walker V Love among the ruins,71
US 916 Percy Walker V Moviegoer,61
US 916 Percy Walker V Second coming,80
US 916 Robbins Harold -Dream merchants
UK 916 Templeton Edith -Island of desire,52
UK 916 Templeton Edith -Living on yesterday,51
UK 916 Templeton Edith Murder in Estoril,92
UK 916 Templeton Edith Summer in the country,50
UK 916 Toynbee Philip -Tea with Mrs Goodman,47
UK 916 Tynbee Philip
UK 916*Blackburn Thomas
US 916*Ciardi John +
UK 916*Ewart Gavin
UK 916*Ewart Gavin
UK 916*Gascoyne David +
US 916*Norse Harold
UK 916*Toynbee Philip
US 916*Viereck Peter
US 917 Auchincloss V Sybil,52
US 917 Bloch Robert
US 917 Bowles Jane Two serious ladies,43
US 917 Fiedler Leslie
AUK917 Han Suyin A many splendoured thing,52
AUK917 Han Suyin Destination Chungking,43
AUK917 Han Suyin Winter love,62
US 917 McCullers Carson V Heart is a lonely hunter,40
US 917 McCullers Carson V Reflections in a golden eye,41
US 917 McCullers Carson V Member of the wedding,46
US 917 McCullers Carson -Ballad of the sad cafe,51
AUS917 Porter Hall
UK 917 Story Jack -Trouble with Harry,49
UK 917 Story Jack Live now pay later,63
UK 917 Story Jack Morag's flying fortress,76
US 917 Taylor Peter V A summons to Memphis,86
US 917#Anderson Robert Tea and sympathy,53
UK 917#Whiting John Devils,61
UK 917#Whiting John Saint's day,51
UK 917*CAusley CHarles
UK 917*Causley Charles
UK 917*Conquest Robert
US 917*Lowell Robert V +++
AUS917*McAuley James +
UK 917@Clarke Arthur 2001,68
UK 917@Clarke Arthur Deep range,57
UK 917@Clarke Arthur V Rendesvouz with Rama,73
UK 917@Clarke Arthur V Childhood's end,53
NIG918 Aluko Tim
CND918 Avison MArgaret
UK 918 Barker Audrey
UK 918 Mortimer Penelope -Pumpkin eater,62
UK 918 Newby Percy -Something to answer for,69
UK 918 Newby Percy Picnic at Sakkara,55
US 918 Rosenfeld Isaac -Passage from home,46
UK 918 Spark Muriel V Memento mori,59
UK 918 Spark Muriel Peckam Rye,60
UK 918 Spark Muriel V Miss Jean Brodie,61
UK 918 Spark Muriel -Girls of slender means,63
UK 918 Spark Muriel The driver's seat,70
UK 918 Spark Muriel -Loitering with intent,81
US 918$Spillane Mickey V I the jury,47
US 918$Spillane Mickey V Kiss me deadly,52
SA 918*Butler Guy Fredrick
UK 918*Graham William
UK 918*Heath-Stubbs John
UK 918*Heathstubbs John
EIR918*Iremonger Valentin
UK 918*Lindsay Maurice
UK 918*Scott Tom
US 918@Farmer Philip V Makers of universe,65
US 918@Sturgeon TheodoreV More than human,53
SA 919 Abrahams Peter -This island now,66
UK 919 Humphreys Emyr
US 919 Jackson Shirley -Hangsaman,51
US 919 Jackson Shirley -Sundial,58
EIR919 Kiely Benedict
UK 919 Lessing Doris -Grass is singing,50
UK 919 Lessing Doris V Martha Quest,52
UK 919 Lessing Doris V Golden notebook,62
UK 919 Lessing Doris V Briefing for a descent into hell,71
UK 919 Lessing Doris Fifth child,88
UK 919 Lessing Doris V Good terrorist,85
UK 919 Middleton Stanley -Holiday,74
SA 919 Mphahlele Eskia -Down Second Ave,59
UK 919 Murdoch Iris Under the net, 54
UK 919 Murdoch Iris V Bell,58
UK 919 Murdoch Iris V A severed head,61
UK 919 Murdoch Iris -Fairly honorable defeat,70
UK 919 Murdoch Iris -Accidental man,71
UK 919 Murdoch Iris V Black prince,73
UK 919 Murdoch Iris -Sacred and profane love machine,74
UK 919 Murdoch Iris V The sea,78
UK 919 Murdoch Iris -Good apprentice,85
US 919 Salinger Jerome V Catcher in the rye,51
US 919 Salinger Jerome Franny and Zooey
UK 919#Simpson Norman One way pendulum,59
US 919*Duncan Robert +
US 919*Ferlinghetti +
US 919@Pohl Frederick V Gateway,
US 919@Pohl Frederick V Space merchants,53