Winners of the Guardian Prize

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1965 Clive Barry: "Crumb Borne"
1966 Archie Hind: "The Dear Green Place"
1967 Eva Figes: "Winter Journey"
1968 P. J. Kavanagh: "A Song and a Dance"
1969 Maurice Leitch: "Poor Lazarus"
1970 Margaret Blount: "Where Did You Last See your Father?"
1971 Thomas Kilroy: "The Big Chapel"
1972 John Berger: "G"
1973 Peter Redgrove: "In the Country of the Skin"
1974 Beryl Bainbridge: "The Bottle Factory Outing"
1975 Sylvia Clayton: "Friends and Romans"
1976 Robert Nye: "Falstaff"
1977 Michael Moorcock: "The Condition of Muzak"
1978 Neil Jordan: "Night in Tunisia"
1979 Dambudzo Merechera: "The House of Hunger"
1980 J. L. Carr: "A Month in the Country"
1981 John Banville: "Kepler"
1982 Glyn Hughes: "Where I Used to Play on the Green"
1983 Graham Swift: "Waterland"
1984 J. G. Ballard: "Empire of the Sun"
1985 Peter Ackroyd: "Hawksmoor"
1986 Jim Crace: "Continent"
1987 Peter Benson: "The Levels"
1988 Lucy Ellman: "Sweet Desserts"
1989 Carol Lake: "Rosehill: Portrait from a Midlands City"
1990 Pauline Melville: "Shape-Shifter"
1991 Alan Judd: "The Devil's Own Work"
1992 Alasdair Gray: "Poor Things"
1993 Pat Barker: "The Eye in the Door"
1994 Candia McWilliam: "Debatable Land"
1995 James Buchan: "Heart's Journey in Winter"
1996 Seamus Deane: "Reading in the Dark"
1997 Anne Michaels: "Fugitive Pieces"
1998 Jackie Kay: "Trumpet"
1999 Philip Gourevitch: "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families"
2000 Zadie Smith: "White Teeth"
2001 Chris Ware: "Jimmy Corrigan, or the Smartest Kid on Earth"
2002 Jonathan Safran Foer: "Everything Is Illuminated"
2003 Robert MacFarlane: "Mountains of the Mind"
2004 Armand Marie Leroi: Mutants"
2005 Alexander Masters: Stuart"
2005 Yiyun Li: "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers""
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