A Brief History of Ancient Mesopotamian Literature

by Piero Scaruffi (E-mail)
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The Akkadians had no word for poem or novel, and they wrote in a way that destroyed whatever rhyme there might have been, so we don't really know what was has to be categorized as novel or poetry, and translators have arbitrarily opted for one or another form.
The dates of ancient works are obviously wildly approximate.
See Steve Moore: "The Novel" for synopses of these works.
(For the time being only the novels)
"Inanna's Descent" (?) in Sumerian
"Eridu Genesis" (16## BC) in Sumerian
"Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta" (?) in Sumerian
Ipiq-Aya: "Atrahasis/ The Flood" (17## BC) in Akkadian
"Gilgamesh" (15## BC) ++ in Akkadian
"Enuma Elish/ Epic of Creation" (12## BC) in Akkadian
Kabti-ilani-Marudk: "Erra and Ishum" (7## BC)

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