2012-13 Thinkers

The model: Rodin's "The Thinker"

At piero's house:

At Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park:

At the Cantor Museum, Stanford:

At San Jose State Univ:

At Stanford Univ:

At the Philosophical Salon, San Francisco, Christmas 2012:

At the End of the World Party (21 december 2012):

At the End of the World Party:

Between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz:

The Thinker and the Hiker (Big Sur):

The Thinker, the Hiker and the Eater (Santa Cruz):

The Lone Thinker:

The Sitting Thinkers:

Thinkers at the Birthday Party:

(Click here for rare footage of legendary Spanish filmmaker Javier Ideami helping with the setup)

Thinkers on Clouds Rest (Spring 2013):

Thinkers in the desert (Spring 2013):

Thinkers at the airport (Spring 2013):

Thinkers at the wedding (Spring 2013):

The Thinker on Mt Shasta (june 2013):

The Thinker playing chess with the Sea (july 2013):

(and the outcome:


The Thinker at the Moebius Arch (July 2013):

The Swimming Pool Thinkers (August 2013):

The Thinker and the Beach Piano (August 2013):

The Thinkers at the Gate of Hell

The Thinkers at Canyon de Chelly

The Thinker in Zimbabwe

The Last Thinker


Thinkers at the farm:

The Thinker of the Cottonwood Lakes (July 2013):

Aurelie's Thinker: