A History of Rock and Dance Music 1951-2008

a book written by Piero Scaruffi

This is the second edition of the book that was first published in 2003.

ISBN 978-0-9765531-5-1 (Vol 1: 1950-1989)
ISBN 978-0-9765531-6-8 (Vol 2: 1990-2008)

Given the size (800 pages total), it is now split in two volumes, about 400 pages each. If you own the old edition in one volume, the first volume contains the first four parts (1950s to 1980s), updated and corrected (about 300 small corrections and about 40 small additions). The second volume covers the 1990s (some massively revised text of the old edition and a lot of new text) and the 2000s (all new text). The number of names in the alphabetical index increased from 3,100 to 4,800. This is a good way to gauge how much material has been added to the second edition.

Some of the material about non-rock and pre-rock music until the 1950s has been transferred (vastly expanded) to the "History of Pop Music".

Click here to browse the index and most of the chapters.

The book is available from Amazon: Vol 1 and Vol 2.

I only have discounted copies of Vol 2 left: paypal $25 (if you live in the USA) which includes shipping and handling to my email address for "History of Rock Music Vol 2". If you live outside the USA, ask: prices for air mail change all the time and depend on the country.

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Thanks, piero scaruffi