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Art & Music: Art and Music in the 1960s (expanded edition)
Politics: Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Imperialism
Travel: China: Chongqing
Politics: Malaysia and Chinese colonialism
Technology: Intelligence is not Accuracy
Philosophy: The Human Race is Genetically Programmed for Self-destruction
Politics: A Quick Tour of the World from the Middle East to India
Technology: Can Intelligence Arise from Silicon?
Event: The 5th LAST festival - March 2018 - A collage of installations, performances, talks and workshops
Technology: The Future of Machine Learning
Politics: Download my report on the Trump-Russia collusion as a pdf document
Cinema: Best 2018 films so far
Technology: Revised: A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence (2018 update)
Music: New music reviews
Politics: What do Venezuela, Turkey and Britain have in common?
Philosophy: All the slides of my UC Berkeley class "A History of Knowledge"
Politics: Rapists and Murderers
Interview: L.A.S.E.R.s and A.I. (PCMag)
Politics: Beyond Dementia: how a Young Upstart took advantage of a Senile Moron
Politics: The Truth about Trump's Tariffs
Art: Thomas Bayrle
Politics: The New New New World Order
Art: Multimedia Art
Art: When A.I. makes it, is it still Art?
Rock: Updated history of rock music with recording dates (up to 1994)
Science: A Timeline of Neuroscience
Politics: Why Kill the Iran Deal Now
Politics: Israel never Misses an Opportunity to miss an Opportunity
Politics: Revised and updated: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation
Politics: The Forces that are Pulling Democracies Apart
Cinema: Robert Altman tribute
My new book : Intelligence is not Artificial - Expanded Edition
Book review: Lee Smolin's "Time Reborn"
Politics: How the USA spends your tax money
Politics: The Gaza Cage
Cinema: Revised list of best 2017 films
Politics: Is North Korea about to Dump China for the USA?
Politics: The #neveragain Movement Misses the Point
Politics: The Trump Wars
Politics: The Trump Scandals
Event: Speaking on Machine Creativity in Palo Alto
Event: The 5th L.A.S.T. Festival
Science: Brute-force A.I. doesn't Speak
Science and Sociology: The Network Age
Art: Frans Masereel
Science: Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2
Science: Reinforcement Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 4
Science: Convolutional Neural Networks - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 5
Science: Deep Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 6
Science: Deep Reinforcement Learning: A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 7
Science: From Recognizing to Creating: Generative Adversarial Networks (History/ Part 8)
Science: Artificial and Natural Neural Networks: The Myth of Backpropagation
Dynamic Routing and Capsule Networks
Science: The Truth about AlphaZero
Science: Variational Inference
Science: Hierarchical Bayesian Networks
Politics: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
Art: Victoria Ivanova
Science: A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 1
Science: A Brief History of Cognitive Science/ Part 1 (Note: There is no Part 2)
Science: A Brief History of Logical Reasoning
Science: The Year 2017 in A.I.
Science: Introduction to the new book on A.I.
History: Persecutions of the Jews
History: The Jews in the Christian World
Event: Speaking on A.I. at Xerox PARC
Art: Dino Valls
Book review: Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury"
Politics: One Year into the Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal
Presentation: Science, Tech and Art in Modern China (free download)
Plagiarist of the year: Narayan Lal Kachara plagiarized my essay "Quantum Consciousness" http://scaruffi.com/science/qc.html in his paper "Consciousness: Quantum and Jainsim"
Art: Meilin Han
Year-end lists: Best books, films, etc
Art: Tomas Sanchez
Travel: China: Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangzhou
Politics: What have Catalonia, Kurdistan, Chechnya and Tibet in common?
Politics: What is wrong with White Anglosaxon Christians?
Travel: Kaifeng, Luoyang, Longmen
Art: Luoyang Museum
Science: A Timeline of Biotech
History: China's New Era (a History Lesson for Westerners) and a History Lesson on Prussia (for the Chinese)
"The Emotion Machine"
Politics: Updated: What's in "Vladimir" Trump's tax returns?
Technology: Designer Babies
Technology: Immunotherapy
Politics: The biggest scam in the Middle East: Israel's war on Iran
Philosophy: What it Feels Like to be a Bat and the Evolution of Qualia
Cinema: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Technology: Longevity Research
Politics: Who invented fake news (or: A brief history of the Left in the West)
Politics: The North Korean Crisis: A Tale of Two Madmen (or just one?)
Cinema: Johnnie To
Technology: The Economy of Hate
Book review: "A Universe of Consciousness"
Self-tribute: The oldest website in the world that is still alive (article)
Politics: Trump at Charlottesville
Lecture: Xerox PARK talk on August 3 (video)
Book review: "Answers for Aristotle - How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to A More Meaningful Life"
Politics: Why China will be the new moral and political leader of the world
Presentation: Talk on Artificial Intelligence in China [45-minute video]
Politics: Hillary Clinton, loser
Art: Sarah Sze
Book review: "The Future of Religion"
Technology: The Age of Hyper-employment
Book review: "A Brief History of Everything"
Book review: "Global Brain"
Politics: Let's make China great again
Science: My timeline of A.I. in pdf format
Rock: Francesco Ganci's visual version of my Top 100
Jazz: Jazz news
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump bombs Syria
Event: The 4th L.A.S.T. Festival
Art: Margaret Wertheim
Politics: The Balkanization of Syria
Politics: Vladimir Trump, Russia's stooge
Art: Sebastiao Salgado
Politics: Trump's omissions tell it all
Politics: Is Trump preparing a terrorist attack on the USA?
Technology: In Defense of Regress
Literature: Best novels of the last century
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump welcomes sponsors of terrorism and bans fighters of terrorism
A.I.: A history of early machine translation
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump's unstoppable march towards the Russification of the USA
A.I.: The Case for Superhuman Intelligence. and against it
Cognitive Science: What Are Jokes And Why Do We Make Them
Politics: The Future of Fake News
A.I.: We actually don't Think
Cognitive Science: Brains are for Traveling and Chatting
Politics: "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the world
A.I.: Machine Learning and Common Sense
Physics: Entropic Gravity: Spacetime as Entanglement
Politics: "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the UNITED states
A.I.: The Curse of the Large Dataset
Year-end lists: Best books, films, etc
Politics: Why Trump also means hope
Politics: Protest and Boycott
Politics: Russia and the USA have more in common than they would like to admit
New book: "A History of Silicon Valley" - 2016 update
Cinema: Chang-dong Lee
Cinema: Istvan Szabo
Philosophy: The Future of the Symbolic Mind
Technology: Slide presentaiton: "Artificial Intelligence: History and Status "
History: The Integrated Circuit and the Arpanet
New book: "Intelligence is not Artificial" 2016 edition
Book review: "The Singularity is Near" ten years later
Book review: Stanislas Dehaene's "Consciousness and the Brain"
Technology: A brief history of Bionics, Cyborgs and Neuroengineering
Technology: Slide presentations on the technologies of the future (scroll down, right column)
Politics: My thoughts after the election
Politics: My final thoughts on the 2016 presidential election
Technology: Slides presentation: A History of Silicon Valley
Art: Sohei Nishino
Politics: The three epic campaigns of Donald Trump
Politics: Aleppo and Western conscience
History: "A Herstory of Women"
Book review: Wertheim's "Pythagoras's Trousers" and "The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace"
Politics: Let Silicon Valley stop North Korea
Book review: Harari's "Homo Deus" (2015)
Neuroscience: Just a reminder that i post news about your brain here
Tweets: Just a reminder that all my tweets are copied here
Lectures: "When AI makes Art, is it still Art?", Loren Frank, Vanessa Sigurdson, Theresa Wong, etc
Politics: Let's make America Ridiculous like Never Before
Politics: Turkey's coup
Book review: Geraci' "Apocalyptic A.I."
History of Electricity
Technology: Free download of my book "Intelligence is not Artificial" (last year's edition)
Politics: The Brexit farce
Politics: Civil War: the Real Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lecture: A Simplified History of the Visual Arts from 1916 to 2016 (for the panel on "When computers make art, is it still Art?", July 2016 at University of San Francisco)
New book: "Humankind 2.0"
Book review: Sam Harris' "Free Will"
Religion: Is the Bible a book of Peace?
Religion: Is the Quran a book of Peace?
Philosophy: Children's stupidity and Adult intelligence
Politics: Brexit is a good thing for everybody
Technology: Piero interviewed about 3D Printing
Politics: Pardon the heroes
Technology: Piero interviewed about Wearables
Politics: Globalization ends here
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Space Industry and Drones
Politics: Another Aviation Mystery
Video of my talk on "Intelligence is not Artificial, Beijing 2016
Politics: Obama in Hiroshima
Politics: Democracy's Apocalypse
Technology: Piero interviewed about Blockchain and Fintech
Philosophy: Social Animal or Curious Animal?
Technology: Piero interviewed about Social Media
Art: Patricia Piccinini
Video: Dada Centennial Celebration 2016 at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Biotech
Event: Dada Centennial Celebration at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Nanotech
Interview: Dan Schneider interviewing piero
Tech: A.I. and the Singularity
Art: A brief History of Videogames
Politics: Enemies of the People
Literature: Best poetry of all times
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Internet of Things
Music: Revisiting the 2000s
Technology: Piero interviewed on Artificial Intelligence
Politics: What Donald Trump represents
Technology: Piero interviewed on Big Data
Poetry: Chamber Suite "The End"
Technology: Piero interviewed on Virtual Reality
Technology: Humanity without Humanity
Politics: The US politicians terrorizing the world
Technology: Why i am not scared of Artificial Intelligence
Travel: Bhutan
New book: The 2015 update to "A History of Silicon Valley"
End of the year lists: The year 2015 in review
Politics: ISIS Got it Right, or The Merging of Civilizations
Politics: ISIS - Not the terrorist group but the screwball comedy
Politics: The end of the USA
Events: Berkeley: Weidong Yang (Kinetech Arts), Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley/ Theater), Paul Payton (Visa Research), Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab) , Stanford: Christine Metzger (California College of the Arts), Sally Benson (Stanford's Global Climate and Energy Project), James Doty (Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education), Danielle Siembieda-Gribben (Visual Artist and Curator)
Philosophy: Essays: There is no Doing and no Undoing, Science is the Discipline of Unhappiness, Wisdom is a Malfunctioning Brain, Does the Future still Exist? , The Quest for Authenticity, Creation and Ownership of Information, Stories will Survive Rituals, The Rule of the Dumb, Beyond Consciousness, The Invisible Technology of the Future, The Opaque Civilization, Cognition is Noise, The Demise of the Unknown, Knowledge is a Spiral of Ignorance, Power after Biopower
Poetry: English translation of "Dialogue of the Lovers" - first excerpts
Book review: Patricia Churchland's "Touching a Nerve - the Self as Brain"
Interview: John Law: 1 - Suicide Club, 2: Cacophony Society, 3: Burning Man
Book review: "The Empathic Civilization" (2009)
Philosophy: The Demise of Empathy
Politics: The Biggest Ecological Disaster of the 21th Century
Art: Marc Giai-Miniet
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