Rashied Ali
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Philadelphia native Robert "Rashied Ali" Patterson (1935), who in 1966 replaced Elvin Jones in John Coltrane's group, was one of the drummers who liberated the percussive instrument from its time-keeping cliches and made true "free jazz" possible. Faithful to Coltrane's legacy, Ali recorded bold and colossal improvisations on New Directions in Modern Music (1971), for a quartet with alto saxophone, bass violin and piano, and Duo Exchange (1972), a duet with tenor saxophonist Frank Lowe, before forming a Quintet (1973) with the young guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer that indulged in Ali's 17-minute Address and Ulmer's 18-minute Theme for Captain Black. His feverish, polytonal drumming turning each jam into a cosmic journey.

Rashied Ali died in 2009 at 76.

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