Barry Altschul
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White drummer Barry Altschul (1943), one of the most intense drummers in the history of jazz music, enlivened the music of Paul Bley (1965-72), Chick Corea (1969), Anthony Braxton (1972-75), Dave Holland (1972), Sam Rivers (1976). Altschul was famous mainly for his malestrom of percussion sounds, but could also be subtle in chamber-music settings. In fact, his first two albums, influenced by Dave Holland's Conference Of The Birds (november 1972), focused on the "conference" of the timbres, assembled the instruments in several different combinations. The centerpiece of You Can't Name Your Own Tune (february 1977) was You Can't Name Your Own Tune that featured saxophonist Sam Rivers, pianist Muhal Richard Abrams, trombonist George Lewis, Holland and Altschul. Another Time Another Place (april 1978) presented Altschul with altoist Arthur Blythe, trombonist Ray Anderson, guitarist Bill DeArango, pianist Anthony Davis and bassist Brian Smith in Suite for Monk, with pianist Davis and cellist Abdul Wadud in Chael, with Davis, Smith and trombonist Ray Anderson in Another Time Another Place.

For Stu (february 1979) was a more conventional quartet (with Davis and Anderson) performing Altschul's For Stu, Davis' Sleepwalker, a drum solo and a Mingus composition. Altschul, Anderson and bassist Mark Helias released two trio albums, Somewhere Else (june 1979) and Brahma (january 1980), with Irina. A quartet with Helias, trumpeter Enrico Rava and saxophonist John Surman recorded Irina (february 1983) and a quartet with trombone and saxophone recorded That's Nice (november 1985).

The Fab Trio, i.e. violinist Billy Bang, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Barry Altschul, is documented on History Of Jazz In Reverse (december 2005)

Barry Altschul's 3Dom Factor was a trio with bassist Joe Fonda and tenorist Jon Irabagon that debuted on 3Dom Factor (june 2012).

3dom Factor featured Jon Irabagon (tenor, soprano and sopranino saxes, flute) and Joe Fonda (double bass) and debuted with Tales Of The Unforeseen (february 2014), that contains the 26-minute improvisation As The Tale Begins.

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