Tina Brooks
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Krentz Ratings:
Minor Move (1958), 6/10
True Blue (1960), 7.5/10

The most original of the hard-bob tenors might have been also the least prolific: Harold "Tina" Brooks (1932), who died at 42 in 1974, recorded only one album as a leader, True Blue (june 1960), an electrifying session with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard (on one of his earliest sessions), pianist Duke Jordan, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Art Taylor (Good Old Soul, True Blue). Minor Move (march 1958), unreleased for many years, was a straightforward hard-bop effort, counting on pianist Sonny Clark, trumpeter Lee Morgan, bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Art Blakey ("Nutville, Minor Move). He played as if he hated every single note he played. Also an excellent composer, Brooks contributed both in style and in content to countless recordings of the hard-bop era.
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