Andrew Cyrille
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Andrew Cyrille demonstrated his blend of noisy, tribal and spacey drumming on a solo percussion album, What About? (august 1969), and on the percussion duet with Milford Graves of Dialogue of the Drums (january 1974). In 1975 Cyrille formed a quartet with tenor saxophonist David Ware, that delivered the 21-minute Spiegelgasse on Metamusician's Stomp (september 1978).

Cyrille debuted his Haitian Fascination project (saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett, bassist Lisle Atkinson, Haitian drummer and vocalist Frisner Augustin, and Haitian acoustic guitarist Alix Pascal) on Route de Frères (december 2005), an indirect tribute to his Haitian-born parents.

The quartet formed in 2014 with Bill Frisell (guitar), Richard Teitelbaum (piano and synthesizer) and Ben Street (contrabass) debuted with The Declaration Of Musical Independence (july 2014), mostly composed by Frisell.

Proximity (november 2014) collects duets with Bill McHenry (tenor sax).

Cyrille also played with Oliver Lake and Reggie Workman in the Trio 3 that released more than ten albums, notably: Live In Willisau (august 1992), Encounter (september 1999), containing Reggie Workman's Suite Tristan, Open Ideas (october 2001), Time Being (march 2005), Wha's Nine (october 2007), containing Andrew Cyrille's ZC and Striation, Berne Concert (november 2007) with Irene Schweizer, At This Time (august 2008) with with Geri Allen, Refraction - Breakin' Glass (july 2012) with pianist Jason Moran. Wiring (august 2013) with Vijay Iyer, containing Iyer's Suite For Trayvon, and Visiting Texture (july 2016).

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