Rhodri Davies

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English harpist Rhodri Davies turned his harp into an electronic instrument (and not a pretty one) on his solo albums Trem (december 2001), a live recording, Over Shadows (january 2004), Wound Response (december 2011), possibly the most brutal, and An Air Swept Clean of All Distance (2014). The four albums are compiled in Pedwar (2014).

His collaborations include: Ieirll (2005) with percussionist Ingar Zach; Amber (april 2004) with reedist Lucio Capece, tuba player Robin Hayward and viola player Julia Eckhardt; Cwymp Y Dwr Ar Ganol Dydd (july 2005) with the trio Traw (Owen Martell, Richard Llewellyn, Simon Proffitt); Compositions For Harp And Sho (march 2006) with Ko Ishikawa; Hum (june 2007) with bass clarinetist Bechir Saade, flutist Samantha Rebello and trumpeter Matt Davis; Tried In The Scales And Found Wanting (september 2006) with laptop musician Dennis McNulty and percussionist David Lacey; Midhopestones (january 2009) with laptop musician Louisa Martin, soprano saxophonist Michel Doneda and vocalist Phil Minton; the live Twrf Neus Ciglau (july 2008) with cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, electronics musician Carlos Santos, soprano saxophonist Stephane Rives and viola player Ernesto Rodrigues; Kravis Rhonn Project (april 2008) with guitarist and noise maker Annette Krebs; Dark Architecture (november 2008) with veteran sound sculptor Max Eastley; Valved Strings Calculator (february 2007) with laptop musician Taku Unami and tuba player Robin Hayward; the live Fragments Of The Cadastre (january 2009) with laptop musician Louisa Martin, noise maker Lee Patterson, soprano saxophonist Michel Doneda and vocalist Phil Minton; Wunderkammern (july 2006) with noise maker Lee Patterson and David Toop; Carliol (april 2009) with John Butcher; Feathered Swing Of The Raven (december 2011) with flutist, bassist and vocalist Laura Cannells; etc.

He also formed the trio Common Objects with John Butcher and Lee Patterson, a trio documented on Live In Morden Tower (Mikroton, 2013). A collaboration with Butcher was released as Routing Lynn (2014).

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