Dead Cat Bounce

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Founded in the late 1990s in Boston by saxophonist Matt Steckler with three fellow saxophonists (also on flutes and clarinets) and a rhythm section, Dead Cat Bounce straddled the border between Charles Mingus' cerebral hard bop and the World Saxophone Quartet on Lucky by Association (Chonsky, 1998), Legends of the Nar (Chonsky, 2001) and Home Speaks to the Wandering (Innova, 2004).

Chance Episode (Cuneiform, 2011) is more than just a display of call and response among the four reeds (the leader, Charlie Kohlhase, Terry Goss, and Jared Sims). It actually boasts a complex landscape: the melodies implanted in the geometric Food Blogger, the neoclassical flute of Salvation & Doubt, the martial and sinister Tourvan Confessin', and especially the feverish and pan-ethnic Township Jive Revisited.

The longer pieces also allow for narrative liberties. Far From The Matty Crowd is de facto a multi-part suite framed by two propulsive and fanfare-like movements via an ethereal intermezzo and a witty cabaret-style parody. The chameleo-like Salon Sound Journal blends big-band swing, a pastoral flute solo, a dancing Latin rhythm, post-rock doodling, and a hard bopping finale. The pensive and chromatic Bio Dyno Man that bounces back like a rubber band when one least expects it. The leitmotiv of Silent Movie Russia 1995 sounds like a melancholy soundtrack of the 1960s, before a circus-like clarinet pushes it into playful and irreverent Frank Zappa-esque territory.

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