Mark Feldman

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Arcado (1989), 6/10
Behind The Myth (1990), 7/10
For Three Strings And Orchestra (1991), 6/10
Green Dolphy Suite (1994), 6.5/10
Deep Resonance (april 2018), 6.5/10
Music For Violin Alone (1994), 6.5/10
Haiku (1995), 5/10
Music For Violin And Piano (1998), 5/10
April Shower (1999), 5/10
Book Of Tells (1999), 6.5/10
What Exit (2005), 6.5/10
Lonelyville (2006), 6/10
Secrets (2008), 5/10
Oblivia (2009), 5/10
To Fly To Steal (2009), 5/10
Hôtel Du Nord (2011), 5/10
Birdies For Lulu (2013), 5/10
In Cahoots (2014), 5/10
Miller's Tale (2015), 5.5/10
TISM (2017), 6/10
Strings 1 (2018), 6/10
Sounding Point (2020), 6/10

Chicago-born violinist and composer Mark Feldman (1955), who is married to Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, was a member of both the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and the Nashville Symphony.

Arcado was the trio of Feldman, cellist Hank Roberts and bassist Mark Dresser, documented on Arcado (february 1989), mainly devoted to Dresser compositions (Gartman's, Subtonium # Three, Curve Ball); Behind The Myth (march 1990), a more balanced album that contains Feldman's Behind the Myth and Kerney besides Robert's Waterburg Trio and Dresser's Ediface and Thematica; For Three Strings And Orchestra (june 1991), containing the 22-minute Naked Singularities; Green Dolphy Suite (september 1994), a collaboration with Trio De Clarinettes (clarinetists Jacques Di Donato, Armand Angster and Louis Sclavis), and the first album with Dutch celloist Ernst Reijseger replacing Roberts, containing Feldman's Cold Water Music but mainly devoted to Louis Sclavis' Green Dolphy Suite and Dresser's Bosnia; Live In Europe (april 1994); and Deep Resonance (april 2018), a collaboration with tenorist Ivo Perelman containing the 18-minute Resonance 1.

His first solo album, Music For Violin Alone (april 1994), collected eleven solo violin pieces.

Haiku (april 1995) was a collaboration with pianist Michael Jefrey Stevens.

Music For Violin And Piano marked his first collaboration with his wife, eight duets recorded in two sessions: june 1996 and december 1998.

April Shower (december 1999) document a collaboration with pianist Satoko Fujii.

Book Of Tells (Enja, 2001, mostly recorded in may 1998) contains five tracks, notably the 15-minute Windsor Quartet (recorded in august 1999). Feldman was accompanied by the string quartet of violinists Cenovia Cummins and Joyce Hammann, violist Lois Martin and celloist Erik Friedlander.

Feldman and his wife recorded John Zorn's Masada Recital (february 2004) and Malphas (september 2005).

What Exit (june 2005) featured English pianist John Taylor, Tom Rainey (drums) and Swedish Anders Jormin (bass), and contains Feldman's 23-minute Arcade.

Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman also formed the quintet of the live Lonelyville (april 2006), featuring Ikue Mori (Courvoisier's partner in the trio Mephista), percussionist Gerald Cleaver and celloist Vincent Courtois.

Secrets (january 2008) is devoted to traditional "nigunim" (Jewish religious songs), performed with Greg Cohen (bass), Joey Baron (drums) and Uri Caine (piano).

Oblivia (september 2009) was another duet with his wife.

Feldman and Courvoisier also formed a quartet with drummer Gerry Hemingway and bassist Thomas Morgan, documented on To Fly To Steal (july 2009), containing Courvoisier's To Fly To Steal as well as Feldman's The Good Life and Five Senses Of Keen, and Hôtel Du Nord (january 2011). A new quartet with Scott Colley replacing Hemingway and Billy Mintz replacing Morgan recorded Birdies For Lulu (november 2013).

Feldman played as a sessionman with many jazz giants: John Abercrombie, Muhal Richard Abrams, Ray Anderson, Tim Berne, Don Byron, Uri Caine, Dave Douglas, Yelena Eckemoff, John Zorn, etc.

Other collaborations include: In Cahoots (june 2014), with his wife and Ned Rothenberg (clarinet, sax and shakuhachi); Miller's Tale (september 2015), with Ikue Mori (electronics), his wife and Evan Parker (saxes); TISM (october 2017), with Ingrid Laubrock (saxes), Tom Rainey (drums) and his wife; Strings 1 (march 2018), with Jason Hwang (violin), Ivo Perelman (tenor sax) and Mat Maneri (viola); etc.

Another collaboration with his wife, Time Gone Out (september 2018), contains Courvoisier's 20-minute Time Gone Out.

Sounding Point (april 2020) is a solo violin album.

Sine Nomine (october 2021) contains two lengthy duets with cellist Katinka Kleijn: the 43-minute Sine Nomine and the 19-minute Epilogue.

The trio of Feldman (violin), Dave Rempis (alto, tenor and baritone saxes) and Tim Daisy (drums) recorded the two lengthy improvisations of Sirocco (october 2022): Ostro and Bora.

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