Marc Hannaford
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Australian pianist Marc Hannaford performed The Garden of Forking Paths (april 2007 - Extreme, 2007) with trumpeter Scott Tinkler, drummer Ken Edie and bassist Philip Rex. The highlight is the 17-minute GEB, in which Tinkler steals the show more than once with his sustained dramatic solos. By comparison, Hannaford's piano playing sounds shy and intermittent, as if it disappeared in the vortex of Tinkler's passion. One reason is that his style is highly fragmented, preferring a "discrete" (as opposed to continuous) flows of notes, whereas Tinkler masters consonance and does so in a powerful manner. The ending, on the other hand, is a personal show of powerful chords by Hannaford that sounds like a pensive exposition after such intense introspection.

Polar (Extreme, 2009) is a solo-piano effort that contains the 15-minute cubistic baroque sonata Genius and Emptiness, that sounds like Bach revisited by Anthony Braxton and remixed by Picasso, as well as the 20-minute The Book of Sand, a much more pensive and sophisticated excursion into the art of introspection.

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