Marvin "Hannibal" Peterson
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The post-jazz and post-classical ambitions of Texas' trumpeter Marvin "Hannibal" Peterson, who moved to New York in 1970 and played with Gil Evans from 1971 until 1984, were revealed by the five-movement suite for orchestra Children of the Fire (1974), that also inaugurated his spiritual and pan-African leitmotiv. This work marked the birth of the Sunrise Orchestra, the banner under which Peterson recorded several smaller-scale works, for example the five pieces for chamber ensemble of The Light (may 1978). At the same time Peterson gave a personal interpretation of Don Cherry's free jazz with the trumpet-centered jams of The Angels of Atlanta (february 1981) with tenor saxophonist George Adams, pianist Kenny Barron, cellist Diedre Murray, bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Dannie Richmond, and with the 20-minute quintet improvisation of Africa, off Poem Song (november 1981). The crowning achievement of his career was African Portraits (may 1995), a large-scale oratorio for symphony orchestra, choir, African instruments and blues, gospel and operatic vocalists.

Other notable recordings: Hannibal (july 1975), featuring Michael Cochrane on piano, Diedre Murray on cello, bass and two percussionists; Visions Of A New World (1989);

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