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US-born Netherlands-based cellist Tristan Honsinger (1949) relocated to the Netherlands in 1974 and recorded with guitarist Derek Bailey, namely Duo (february 1976), and joined both the Instant Composers Pool Tentet that recorded ICP Tentet (april 1977) and German pianist Alexander Von Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra that recorded the four untitled Improvisations (september 1977). Other duets include Live Performances (1977) with Maarten Altena and Lavoro (1981) with Sean Bergin. Earmeals (may 1978) documents live solos and duets with trombonist and double bassist Guenter Christmann.

After the duets with pianist David Beresford of Double Indemnity (august 1980), Honsinger joined Beresford, guitarist David Toop and trumpeter Toshinori Kondo on Imitation of Life (Y Records, 1981), and then led Kondo, bassist Peter Kowald and drummer Sabu Toyozumi on What Are You Talking About? (1983). He and Kondo also recorded This That and the Other (1987) with bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel, clarinetist Michael Moore and drummer Steve Noble. He assembled a sextet with trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, saxophonist Sean Bergen, bassist Jean Jacques Avenel, drummer Michael Vatcher and vocalist Tiziana Simona Vigni for Picnic (february 1985).

In 1988 he joined Cecil Taylor's European Orchestra and later joined Taylor's Ensemble, of his Quintet and his Quartet.

In 1991 he formed Fields in Miniature with a violinist and a double bassist.

From The Broken World (1992) features Kondo and keyboardist Takeshi Shibuya and contains Travels With Priscilla And Tish (14:20) and China, Snakes, Wind And Ghosts (18:12).

Honsinger moved to Italy where he joined former members of Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza.

Travelogues (august 1993 to august 1995) collects live performances with Senegalese musician Mola Sylla, accompanied by different combos.

The live Map of Moods (april 1994) featured violinists Aleksander Kolkowski and Stephano Lunardi, bassist Ernst Glerum and drummer Louis Moholo.

He played on the ICP Orchestra's Jubilee Varia (november 1997).

He reformed This That and the Other for Sketches Of Probability (1997).

A Camel's Kiss (december 1999) is a solo cello album that contains Stopera (11:42), A Camel's Kiss (8:48) and Restless In Pieces (12:45).

He contributed the ten-minute Ladida on Michael Moore's Air Street (2002). He formed a trio with saxophonist Jean Derome and drummer John Heward for Adventure In The Looking-Glass (2002), mainly devoted to the 22-minute Omama McGowran.

He also recorded in Japan. I Am Bear (2006) contains a solo and a duet with vocalist Hisako Horikawa. Margin (2007) contains duets with pianist Yoriyuki Harada. Dokoku (2010) added bassist to Harada and Honsinger for three lengthy improvisations, notably the 23-minute Tokkan = Call To Arms.

He also played in saxophonist Tobias Deliusís quartet 4Tet, e.g. on Luftlucht (2010).

Stretto (march 2010) documents duets with guitarist Olaf Rupp. Baboon (january 2012) documents live collaborations with reed players Enrico Sartori and Tobias Delius. Hanam Quintet (september 2011) documents a live collaboration with alto saxophone (Anna Kaluza), double bass (Horst Nonnenmacher), piano (Niko Meinhold), soprano saxophone (Manuel Miehte), and violin (Alison Blunt). HDRS (2014) documents a quartet with Axel Dorner (trumpet), Olaf Rupp (guitar) and Olli Steidle (drums).

He played on late ICP Orchestra records such as East Of The Sun (march 2014), Restless In Pieces (october 2015) and De Hondemepper (november 2018).

In The Sea (2017) was a collaboration with double bassist Nicolas Caloia and violinist Joshua Zubot. Small Talk (2022) was recorded with several Italian musicians.

Honsinger died in 2023.

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