J.J. Johnson
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James "J.J." Johnson, the trombonist of Benny Carter's band (1942-45) and Charlie Parker's quintet (1947), adapted the trombone to the style (if not the mood) of the bebop era. His acrobatic style was documented on Mad Be Bop (june 1946), credited to the Beboppers, a quintet with Bud Powell on piano and Max Roach on drums, as well as on the summits of Trombone By Three (october 1951) with Bennie Green and Kai Winding and Four Trombones (september 1953) with Green, Winding and Willie Dennis. In 1954 he formed a two-trombone quintet with Kai Winding, but his apex were First Place (april 1957) and especially Blue Trombone (may 1957) both recorded by a quartet with pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Max Roach. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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