Jabbo Smith
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For a time it looked like black trumpeter Cladys "Jabbo" Smith (1901), could compete with Louis Armstrong. His virtuoso style was legendary after a march 1928 session with Fats Waller on organ, James Johnson on piano and Garvin Bushnell on alto (the Louisiana Sugar Babes), and especially after the 1929 recordings of his own compositions by his own quintet, the Rhythm Aces, that debuted with Jazz Battle (january 1929), Little Willie Blues, Sleepy Time Blues, Take Your Time, Sweet and Low Blues (february 1929), Take me to the River, Aces of Rhythm, Let's Get Together, Sau Sha Stomp, Michigander Blues (march 1929), Decatur Street/ Till Times Get Better (april 1929), Croonin' the Blues/ I Got The Stinger (june 1929), Boston Skuffle, Tanguay Blues, Band Box Stomp, Moanful Blues (august 1929).

Smith died in 1991.

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