Art Lande
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Krentz Ratings:
Red Lanta (1973), 6/10
Ruisa Patrol (1976), 7/10
The Eccentricities of Earl Dant (1977), 6/10
Desert Marauders (1977), 7/10
The Story of Ba-Ku (1977), 6.5/10

White pianist Art Lande (1947), who moved to San Francisco in 1969, specialized in calm, bucolic atmospheres both in the duets with saxophonist Jan Garbarek of Red Lanta (november 1973) and on his solo piano album The Eccentricities Of Earl Dant (february 1977). He also formed a quartet with Mark Isham on trumpet that recorded Rubisa Patrol (may 1976), with Corinthian Melodies, and Desert Marauders (june 1977), with the 16-minute Desert Marauders, both dominated by languid tones.

Quasi-classical ambitions surfaced in the 23-minute solo-piano sonata The Story Of Ned Tra-La (august 1977), off The Story Of Ba-Ku and the 19-minute The Story Of Ba-Ku (august 1978) for piano, three reed players, bass and drums off The Story Of Ba-Ku.

Lande lived in Europe between 1983 and 1987, before relocating to Colorado.

Lande also composed Times and Places (1986) for symphony orchestra.

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