Led Bib

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English quintet Led Bib, led by drummer Mark Holub, and featuring keyboardist Toby McLaren and alto saxophonists Chris Williams and Pete Grogan, recorded Arboretum (january 2005), Sizewell Tea (january 2006), Sensible Shoes (august 2008), Bring Your Own (july 2010), and The People in Your Neighbourhood (september 2013 - Cuneiform, 2014), as well as the live album The Good Egg (november 2013).

Mark Holub (drums), Pete Grogan and Chris Williams (alto saxes), Liran Donin (bass) and Toby McLaren (keyboards) recorded Umbrella Weather (january 2016).

It's Morning (february 2019) features Susanna Gartmayer (bass clarinet) and Noid (cello), Elliott Galvin (piano and keyboards), and violinist Irene Kepl.

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