Greg Osby

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Krentz Ratings:
Sound Theater (1987), 5.5/10
Mind Games (1988), 5.5/10
Season of Renewal (1989), 6/10
Man-Talk for Moderns Vol.X (1990), 5.5/10
3D Lifestyles (1993), 7/10
Inner Circle (1999), 4/10
Symbols of Light (2001), 5/10
Channel Three (2005), 5/10

St Louis-born alto saxophonist Greg Osby (1960) relocated to New York in 1984 where he joined Jack DeJohnette's group and became a member of the M-Base Collective. The funk-jazz style of the latter permeated the albums of his guitar and keyboards quintets: Sound Theatre (june 1987) and Mind Games (may 1988). Season of Renewal (july 1989) added wordless vocals by Amina Claudine Myers and Cassandra Wilson to the leader's dissonant solos over funky rhythm. After the soprano-sax album Man-Talk for Moderns Vol.X (november 1990), Osby pioneered the fusion of jazz and hip-hop music on 3D Lifestyles (october 1992). But most of his subsequent records were monotonous. Inner Circle (april 1999) offered more straightforward funk-jazz. Symbols of Light (january 2001) featured a string quartet. Channel Three (february 2005) was a trio.
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