Courtney Pine

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Krentz Ratings:
Journey to the Urge Within (1986), 7/10
Destiny's Song (1987), 6/10
To the Eyes of Creation (1992), 7/10
Modern Day Jazz Stories (1996), 7/10
Underground (1997), 7/10
Devotion (2003), 5.5/10

British tenor saxophonist Courtney Pine (1964) grew up with funk, soul and reggae music, influences that were still discernable on Journey to the Urge Within (july 1986), containing the hit song Children of the Ghetto. The influence of John Coltrane and of the neo-traditionalists merged instead on the acoustic Destiny's Song + the Image of Pursuance (august 1987), but that turned out to be only the beginning of a tortuous stylistic itinerary that took him from Jamaica to Africa to India and that peaked with To The Eyes Of Creation (1992). Even the strictly jazzy Modern Day Jazz Stories (1996), featuring keyboardist Geri Allen, trumpeter Eddie Henderson and vocalist Cassandra Wilson, turned out to be a detour rather than a maturation because Underground (1997) employed turntables, drum-machines and digital programming.

The live concert Devotion (june 2003) employed three vocalists, one guitarist, one sitarist, two keyboardists, trumpet, trombone, bass, drums, tabla, percussion.

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