A Listening Companion to the History of Jazz

(Thank you, Luke)
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  1. The beginnings: New Orleans: Play
  2. Chicago: White Jazz: Play
  3. New York: Stride piano: Play
  4. New York: Big Bands: Play
  5. New York: The Swing Era: Play
  6. New York: The swing soloists: Play
  7. Kansas City: Big Bands: Play
  8. Bebop: Play
  9. Bebop pianist: Play
  10. Bebop big bands: Play
  11. Cool Jazz: Play
  12. Cool Jazz in Los Angeles: Play
  13. Hard Bop: Play
  14. Post-bop: Play
  15. Free Jazz
    1. Free Jazz: the apostles: Play
    2. Free Jazz: the disciples: Play
    3. Free Jazz: free drumming: Play
    4. Free Jazz: free vocals: Play
    5. White free jazz: Play
    6. Free Jazz: borderline: Play
  16. Creative Music
    1. Chicago's creative jazz: Play
    2. Creative music: the disciples: Play
    3. Creative music: the St Louis school: Play
    4. Creative music: jazz post-modernism in New York: Play
    5. Creative music: white post-modernism in New York: Play
    6. Creative music: European creativity: Play
    7. Creative music: Noise-jazz: Play
  17. Fusion
    1. Fusion jazz: the pioneers: Play
    2. Pre-fusion pianists: Play
    3. White jazz between free jazz and fusion: Play
    4. Latin jazz: Play
    5. Fusion groups: Play
    6. Fusion stylists: Play
    7. Guitar heroes: Play
    8. Pop-fusion: Play
    9. Euro-fusion: Play
  18. Jazz traditionalism: Play
  19. Non-jazz of the 1980s: Play
  20. Post-jazz music: Play

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