Dave Rempis

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Massachusetts-born prolific saxophonist Dave Rempis (1975), graduated from Northwestern University in 1997, began his jazz career at 22, and created in 2004 his Percussion Quartet, which in 2015 comprised Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy (both on drums), along with he recorded Circular Logic (january 2005), Rip Tear Crunch (february 2005), Hunter-Gatherers (april 2006), The Disappointment Of Parsley (april 2008), Montreal Parade (january 2010), the double-disc Phalanx (april and june 2012), including the lengthy Algonquins, Cream City Stomp, Anti-goons and Croatalus Adamantooths, and Cash And Carry (august 2014), including the lengthy pieces Water Foul Run Amok and Better Than Butter.

He also worked with several other projects, among which:

1) The Engines, trio comprising of bassist Nate McBride and drummer Tim Daisy, which with recorded a self-titled (july 2006), Wire And Brass (april 2008), and, with John Tchicai as guest, Other Violets (may 2011);

2) Ballister, a trio comprising of  celloist Fred Lonberg-Holm and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, recording Bastard String (june 2010), Mechanisms (november 2010), Mi Casa Es En Fuego (april 2012), Both Ends (february 2012), The Ballister Monologues (april 2014), and Worse For The Wear (march 2014);

3) Wheelhouse, a trio with bassist Nate McBride and vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz, that recorded Boss Of The Plains (october 2010);

4) Ken Vandermark's ensemble Territory Band, that recorded Transatlantic Bridge (february 2000), Atlas (february 2001), Map Theory (september 2002), Company Switch (september 2004), New Horse For The White House (october 2005) and Collide (august 2006);

5) Triage, a trio with bassist Jason Ajemian and drummer Tim Daisy, that recorded Premium Plastics (april 2001), Twenty Minute Cliff (october 2002), American Mythology (january 2004), and Stagger (november 2004);

6) The Dave Rempis Quartet, comprising of bassist Jason Roebke, drummer Tim Daisy and Jim Baker on piano, synthesizer and violin, that recorded Out Of Season (october 2003);

7) Vandermark 5, a quintet led by the reedist since 1996, along with Rempis recorded since 1998, playing in 13 albums. Let's remember also Western Automatic (june/august 2014), with the Chicago Reed Quartet, comprising of Nick Mazzarella, Ken Vandermark and Mars Williams; and From Wolves To Whales (february 2014), along with Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Chris Corsano (drums) and Nate Wooley (trumpet).

Cochonnerie (october 2015) featured Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy (both on drums) and contains the 33-minute improvisation Straggler.

Lattice (may 2017) was a solo album for alto sax.

Ithra (december 2017) features Tomeka Reid on cello and Joshua Abrams on double bass. Icoci (december 2017) documents a live concert with Jasper Stadhouders on guitar & electric bass and Frank Rosaly on drums.

Rempis also launched the project Spectral with Larry Ochs (tenor and sopranino saxes) and Darren Johnston (trumpet) that debuted on Empty Castle (june 2017).

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