Hilton Ruiz

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Krentz Ratings:
Piano Man (1975), 6/10
Rhythm in the House (1976), 6/10
Crosscurents (1984), 7/10
Something Grand (1986), 6.5/10
El Camino (1987), 7/10

Despite being inspired by McCoy Tyner, pianist Hilton Ruiz (1952) opted for an infectious party-oriented fusion of Cuban music and free jazz. After debuting in a trio with the sophisticated meditations of Piano Man (july 1975), Ruiz merged Cuban rhythms and funk music on Rhythm in the House (1976). His danceable zenith was reached with the salsa-infected albums Something Grand (october 1986) and El Camino (october 1987), the latter including the 15-minute Eastern Vibration and featuring Sam Rivers on saxophones.
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