David Sanborn

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Krentz Ratings:
Hideaway (1979), 4/10
Voyeur (1980), 4/10
Another Hand (1991), 4/10
Time Again (2003), 3/10

St Louis-raised white alto saxophonist David Sanborn (1945), who had played with Paul Butterfield (1967) and Stevie Wonder (1972), specialized in catchy and danceable pseudo-jazz drenched in rhythm'n'blues, funk and pop music. Trivial collections such as Hideaway (1979) and Voyeur (1980), mostly inspired by bassist Marcus Miller, became best-selling albums.

When he decided to abandon commercial prostitution and turn to artistic expression, he embarrassed himself with albums such as Another Hand (1991), that were "artistic" only for an audience used to his previous junk. Aware that he just wasn't an artist, Sanborn rapidly returned to his tasteless muzak routine. His material was still mostly penned by Miller and performed by studio veterans.

Time Again (2003) wasted the talents of trumpeter Randy Brecker, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, guitarist Russell Malone, bassist Christian McBride and drummer Steve Gadd performing the usual parade of tedious covers.

It is debatable whether Sanborn's craft was jazz music, or, for that matter, music at all.

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