Angelica Sanchez

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Born in Phoenix in 1972 and relocated to New York since 1994, pianist Angelica Sanchez debuted in a quartet with Tony Malaby (tenor sax), Michel Formanek (bass) and Tom Rainey (drums): Mirror Me (june 2001).

Having lost Formanek, the trio performed the improvisations collected on the two volumes of Alive In Brooklyn (september 2003).

The trio became a quintet on Life Between (december 2007), thanks to Marc Ducret (electric guitar) and Drew Gress (double bass).

A Little House (april 2010) is a solo album on which she plays piano and toy piano.

Wires And Moss (april 2010) was for quintet with Marc Ducret (guitar), Tony Malaby (tenor sax), Drew Gress (double bass) an Tom Rainey (drums).

Twine Forest (april 2013) documents a collaboration with trumpetist Wadada Leo Smith.

Dias De Sol was a duet with Omar Tamez (guitar, kalimba and harmonic), including the 11-minute Carion Y Amenecer. The duo formed the Kaheri Quartet (Ratzo Harris on acoustic bass and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion) that debuted on Recuerdos De Monk,

Tierra Mestiza's Floresta (premiered in february 2015) is a duo project with Omar Tamez (guitars, mbira, kora, harmonica, percussion, jaw-harp, electronics).

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