Maria Schneider

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Krentz Ratings:
Evanescence (1992), 7.5/10
Coming About (1995), 7/10
Concert in the Gardens (2004), 6/10
The Thompson Fields (2015), 7/10
Data Lords (2019), 7.5/10

Minnesota-born composer Maria Schneider (1960), who moved to New York in 1985, resurrected the style of Gil Evans for the generation of the 1990s on albums for orchestra such as Evanescence (september 1992) and Coming About (november 1995), all the way to the big-band effort of Concert In The Garden (march 2004), followed by Sky Blue (january 2007) and The Thompson Fields (august 2014).

The 18-musician Maria Schneider Orchestra recorded the two lengthy suites of the double-disc set Data Lords (september 2019), premiered in april 2016: The Digital World (52 minutes) and Our Natural World (43 minutes). It featured accordion, saxes, clarinets, trumpets, trombone, guitar, piano, flute and a rhythm section.

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