Gunther Schuller
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Krentz Ratings:
Music for Brass (1956), 5/10
Jazz Abstractions (1960), 8/10
Rush Hour (1994), 5.5/10

"Third-stream" music was mostly the invention of white composer Gunther Schuller (1925), who aimed at bridging classical and jazz music. The French horn of New York's "Metropolitan Opera Orchestra" until 1959, Schuller composed mostly classical works, but was influential on jazz music as well with this books. Music for Brass (june 1956) collected works by several upcoming jazz composers, all performed by an orchestra conducted by Schuller. His Jazz Abstractions (december 1960) featured Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Scott LaFaro and many others under his conduction, and contained only two side-long pieces, Abstraction and Variants On A Theme Of Thelonious Monk.

Gunther Schuller arranged for big band the standards of Joe Lovano's Rush Hour (june 1994), adding two of his own best: Rush Hour On 23rd Street and Headin' Out Movin' In.

Schuller died of leukemia in june 2015 at 89.

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