Tony Scott

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Krentz Ratings:
Scott's Fling (1955), 6/10
The Touch (1956), 6/10
The Complete (1957), 6/10
My Kind of Jazz (1957), 5.5/10
The Modern Art of Jazz (1957), 5.5/10
Free Blown Jazz (1957), 5.5/10
Sung Heroes (1959), 6/10
Music for Zen Meditation (1964), 7/10
Homage to Lord Krishna (1967), 5.5/10
Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys (1967), 6.5/10
Music for Voodoo Meditation (1971), 6/10
African Bird (1981), 6.5/10
Voyage Into A Black Hole (1987), 6/10

White clarinetist Tony Scott (1921), real name Anthony Sciacca, was a late comer to the scene of bebop and cool jazz, playing on Sarah Vaughan in Hi-Fi (may 1950) with the gotha of bebop (trumpeter Miles Davis, trombonist Benny Green, guitarist Freddie Green), and forming a Septet that recorded Scott's Fling (january 1955) with trombonist Kai Winding and bassist Milt Hinton. He experimented with several formats that shunned the ruling styles. An Orchestra consisting of members of Count Basie's and Duke Ellington's orchestras plus a rhythm section with pianist Bill Evans, Hinton and Green, recorded The Touch (july 1956), containing Vanilla Frosting On A Beef Pie, and The Complete (february 57), containing I'll Remember April. Three permutations of trumpeter Clark Terry, baritonist Sahib Shihab, trombonist Jimmy Knepper, pianist Bill Evans, bassist Henry Grimes, drummer Paul Motian recorded the twin albums My Kind of Jazz (november 1957), The Modern Art of Jazz (november 1957), containing Blues For 3 Horns, and Free Blown Jazz (november 1957), with Portrait Of Ravi. Scott played clarinet, sax, piano, mandolin on Sung Heroes (october 1959), also known as Dedications, whose pieces were dedicated to dead musicians, the recording that, de facto, marked the debut of the Bill Evans Trio with Paul Motian and Scott LaFaro.

In 1960 Scott left the USA and went to explore the Far East. The result was Music For Zen Meditation (february 1964), a collaboration with koto player Shinichi Yuize and shakuhachi flute player Hozan Yamamoto (notably the trio The Murmuring Sound of the Mountain Stream, the koto-clarinet duets After the Snow, the Fragrance, Prajna-Paramita-Hridaya Sutra and Sanzen), that predated both new-age music, world-music and ambient music. Having contributed to create the hare krishna zeitgeist of the hippy era, Scott followed that exploit with Homage to Lord Krishna (november 1967) and especially Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys (february 1968), a duet with sitar player Collin Walcott. Journeys to Africa yielded the solo percussion album Music for Voodoo Meditation (1971), on which Scott played only African percussions, African Bird - Come Back Mother Africa, with the 16-minute African Bird Suite (february 1981) that married Charlie Parker and African percussion, and the triple-CD Voyage Into a Black Hole (1988) for radio waves, clarinet and synthesizer.

Scott died in Italy in 2007.

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