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Sinew (2021), 7/10
Glint: Glint (2021), 6.5/10
Xen Model: Ostor (2019), 6/10
Xen Model: Core (2021), 6/10

New York's trio See You Next Yesterday, later renamed Sinew, debuted with Sinew (2021), a set of eleven brief improvisations halfway between chamber music and jazztronica. The trio consisted of Jessica Tsang on vibraphone (also half of guitar and percussion duo Party of One), Lukas Hutzler on electronics and Clay Hillenburg on percussion. Their spectacular interplay reaches a peak in the distorted and twitching soundscape of Plunge and in the uber-syncopated cosmic jazz of Heave In.

Sinews's drummer Clay Hillenburg also released an album as Glint (2021), on which he combined electronic and natural sounds, delving with Tilt in musique concrete that is both percussive and droning and with Passerby in ambient music that slowly disintegrates, and with Homebody in sustained hissing that has both cosmic and subliminal qualities.

Clay Hillenburg also formed Xen Model with electronic keyboardists Lukas Hutzler. Their seven-song mini-album Ostor (2019) reimagined electronic dance music as a stubbornly disjointed and greatly syncopated body art (especially Of All Possible Worlds). Their album Core (2021) continues that mission of dislocated dance beats with the irreverent psychedelic drum'n'bass of Core, the deranged and clownish ballet Queue Blink, the dissonant horrorscape of Sword, and especially the muffled, glitchy minimal techno of the seven-minute Era (although half of the album is disposable).

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