Steve Kuhn
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Krentz Ratings:
Ecstasy (1974), 7/10
Trance (1974), 7/10
Non Fiction (1976), 5.5/10
Playground (1979), 6/10

White pianist Steve Kuhn (1938) established his fusion style that flirted with free jazz and classical music (and therefore exhibited a lot more dynamics and instability than the average smooth fusion-jazz of the era) with the brilliant solo Ecstasy (november 1974) and Trance (november 1974), accompanied by bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Jack DeJohnette.

Non Fiction (april 1978) featured Steve Slagle (saxes and flute), Harvie Swartz (bass) and Bob Moses (drums).

Playground (july 1979) inaugurated Kuhn's collaboration with avantgarde vocalist Sheila Jordan.

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