Martial Solal

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Krentz Ratings:
A Bout de Souffle (1959), 5.5/10
Four Keys (1977), 7.5/10
Longitude (2008), 6/10
Histoires Improvisees (2018), 5.5/10

French-based pianist Martial Solal (1927), who started recording his own compositions in 1956, was Europe's main bebop pianist. He also scored several film soundtracks, notably JeanLuc Godard's A Bout de Souffle (1959).

Notable among his later albums was Four Keys (may 1979), in a quartet with altoist Lee Konitz, guitarist John Scofield and bassist Niels Pedersen.

Longitude (2008) was one of his best piano trios.

Histoires Improvisees (june 2018) delivered another 19 compositions.

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