Michael Jefry Stevens

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Krentz Ratings:
Liquid Time (1990), 5.5/10
Portrait in Red (1991), 5.5/10
Short Stories (1993), 5.5/10
Haiku (1995), 5.5/10
Aercine (2000), 5/10
When Lost Becomes Found (2001), 5.5/10
Survivor's Suite (2001), 6.5/10
Play (2002), 5.5/10
Seven (2008), 5.5/10

Michael Jefry Stevens, a veteran pianist, started his career as a member of saxophonist Mark Whitecage's Liquid Time (april 1990) along whit Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Joe Fonda (bass). His discography as credited leader sports two piano solos: Portrait In Red (january 1991), a collection of sixteen brief originals, and the live The Survivor's Suite (november 2001), collecting both original compositions and standard tunes, including the 33-minute namesake suite. He also recorded the duets of Haiku (april 1995) with violinist Mark Feldman (who composed most of it), the live Short Stories (december 1993) with Mark Whitecage (saxes and clarinet), Aercine (february 2000) and When Lost Becomes Found (february 2001) in a quintet with bassist Steve Rust, drummer Harvey Sorgen, trumpetist Herb Robertson and violinist Mark Feldman (the latter also featuring guitarist Jimmy Williams), Play (january 2002) with bassoonist Michael Rabinowitz, Duets (march 2012) with vibraphonist Jason DeCristofaro, Seven (september 2008) with the Conference Call Quartet, consisting of Gebhard Ullmann (woodwinds), Joe Fonda (bass) and George Schuller (drums).
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