Michael Urbaniak

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Krentz Ratings:
Paratyphus B (1972), 6/10
Inactin' (1972), 6/10
In Concert (1973), 6/10
Super Constellation (1973), 6/10
Atma (1974), 6/10
Fusion III (1975), 6/10
Urbaniak (1977), 7/10

Polish violinist Michael Urbaniak recorded Paratyphus B (1972) and Inactin' (1972) in Germany with an electric combo featuring pianist Adam Makowicz, drummer Czeslaw Bartkowski and his wife Urszula Dudziak on percussion, and then formed the dual-keyboard group Constellation with Makowicz, Bartkowski, Dudziak (now mainly on vocals) and additional keyboardist Wojciech Karolak, documented on In Concert (may 1973) and Super Constellation (june 1973), also known as Fusion, a group largely inspired by JeanLuc Ponty and progressive-rock (notably Frank Zappa). He relocated to the USA in 1973 and Constellation mutated into Fusion (Karolak, Dudziak on vocals and a drummer) on Atma (june 1974). By Fusion III (february 1975) the sound had become even more electronic and included guitars. However, the highlight remained Dudziak's mesmerizing vocals.

The triple-disc Sound Pieces (Moosicus, 2023) collects Paratyphus B (1972) and Inactin' (1972), plus a concert recorded of 1972.

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