Patty Waters
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Iowa-born white vocalist Patty Waters (1940), who relocated first to Los Angeles and then to New York, pioneered the creative vocal improvisation of free jazz and represented the connection between free jazz and the singer-songwriter of rock music. Sings (december 1965), containing eight brief, spare piano ballads (notably Moon Don't Come up Tonight) and the 14-minute interpretation of the traditional Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair, a showcase of her wordless vocal acrobatics (backed by piano, bass and drums). That art of unorthodox vocal noises and atonal stream of consciousness permeated College Tour (april 1966), featuring pianists Ran Blake and Burton Greene and containing the seven-minute Song Of The One and Hush Little Baby.

Waters quit recording for three decades. The collection of covers Love Songs (january 1996) marked her return. Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe (may 2002) documents a live performance. You Thrill Me - A Musical Odyssey (2004) collects rarities from 1960-79.

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