Bobby Watson

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Krentz Ratings:
Post-Motown Bop (1980), 6/10
Beatitudes (1983), 6/10
Jewel (1983, 7/10
Appointment in Milano (1985), 6/10
Love Remains (1986), 7/10
Present Tense (1991), 6/10
Tailor Made (1992), 5/10

Alto saxophonist Bobby Watson (1953), a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers in the 1970s, led the hard-bop revival of the 1980s (both through his own recordings and the recordings with the 29th Street Saxophone Quartet, which was de facto the hard-bop equivalent of the World Saxopone Quartet) and gave it some of its most popular compositions: The Punjab of Java Po from Post-Motown Bop (september 1980), Beatitudes from Beatitudes (april 1983), Appointment in Milano from Appointment in Milano (february 1985), The Misery of Ebop from Love Remains (november 1986), etc. His group, named Horizon, also relied on the compositions of bassist Curtis Lundy, such as Orange Blossom on Jewel (april 1983) and Present Tense on Present Tense (december 1991). With Tailor Made (december 1992) Watson began to venture into big-band jazz.
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