Chick Webb
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The swing orchestra formed by drummer William "Chick" Webb (1909) was highlighted by the arrangements of Edgar Sampson (Let's Get Together of january 1934, Stompin' At The Savoy of may 1934), by the flute of Wayman Carver (from 1934), the first major flute soloist of jazz music, and by the voice of Ella Fitzgerald (from 1934), notably in Sampson's I'll Chase the Blues Away (june 1935), Harry White's Harlem Congo (november 1937) and Van Alexander's A-Tisket A-Tasket (may 1938). When Webb died in 1939, Fitzgerald took over as bandleader.

As a black singer, Fitzgerald, who sang just about everything that might please an audience in a polished multiple-octave voice, was accepted by the white establishment, while the latter, who sang mostly unpleasant topics in a rather unattractive voice, was always sort of a renegade.

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