A History of Knowledge

by piero scaruffi

Edited and revised by Chris Hastings (2013)

The Modern Age, Part I - 1919-1945: The Age of the World Wars

1: Society I (Events, Ideas, Populations)
2: Rise of the USA
3: Economics (Oil, Manufacturing, Income, Stock market crash, Defense spending)
4: The British Empire
5: Politics (Harlem Renaissance, Isms, Euro dictators, Poli experiments, Nazi-fascism, Communism, Islam nationalism, One party capitalism, World dom, Arab Independence, WWII, Western pacifism)
6: Russia
7: Death (Ideologies and Economics of Mass Killings, Starvation, Wars/massacres)
8: Japan
9: China
10: Latin America
11: Science (Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Vacuum, Science of Management, Biology, Synthetic materials)
12: Society II (Women's liberation, Beauty, Office, Media, Rational society)
13: Transportation
14: 1905-18
15: 1920-5
16: Art and Entertainment (Harlem Renaissance, Leisure time, Dance, Music, Comedy)
17: 1926-30
18: 1932-5
19: Psychology (Behaviorism, Cognitive Psychology, Fredrick Bartlett, Edward Tolman)
20: Gestalt Theories (Gestalt Philosophy, Gestalt Psychology, Selz, Lashley, Goldstein)
20: Logic
21: 1936-53
22: Existentialism

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