How to obtain the Powerpoint slides

Thanks to the Internet, an increasing number of people ask for the Powerpoint slides of my History of Knowledge. I would greatly prefer to be invited to hold a seminar on the subject, and hand out the CD for free to all participants.

If you are not and cannot be one of my students, the problem is that it takes time (20' to make the CD, 15' to go to the post office) and money (CDROM, envelop, postage) to make a CD and ship it.

If you are an organization, i would appreciate it if you consider that these 500 Mbytes of knowledge are the product of years of research, and made a generous donation to my website by paypal to my email address.

If you are just an individual who wants them for her/his own personal use, it's always a dilemma what to charge or not to charge, not knowing who you are and what you will do with this 500Mbyte of Powerpoint slides. Some people merely want to learn, and i would love to encourage them. Some people are professionals who will use them to make money. In general, if you live in the USA, a $40 donation to support this website and pay for CD and shipping costs is appreciated. Paypal $40 to my email address specifying that you want "Powerpoint slides of History of Knowledge" and your address. (Note that this does NOT include the right to reproduce or distribute or use in any form the material: it is for your personal use only). Due to the ever-increasing shipping costs, it's 40 euros for Europeans. Paypal the amount to my email address For other countries, inquire.


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