Performers at the 3rd LAST festival

Friday and Saturday October 16-17, Stanford Univ

Program of the Festival

Friday and Saturday evening: Kinetech Arts, founded in 2013 by physicist Weidong Yang and dancer/ choreographer Daiane Lopes da Silva in San Francisco, nurtures unique creative partnerships between scientists and artists. Their goal is to create interdisciplinary art projects that combine dance, science and technology, based in a spirit of experimentation and play. Kinetech Arts holds a weekly Open Lab (at SAFEhouseArts) open to artists of many disciplines.
Saturday 3pm: David Grunzweig is a musician and current graduate student at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University. He graduated from Stanford with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in 2014 with an Interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts for research on the role of electronics in musical improvisation and expression. His current areas of research include binaural audio, multichannel composition, and interface design.

"A002 represents a turning point in my personal work, switching from the desire to create entirely synthesized audio to working with both synthesized content and organic content. Synthesized referring to those sounds crafted using traditional digital or analog synthesis (oscillators, filters, envelops, etc) and organic referring to field recordings and recordings of spaces and environments as they exist in everyday (urban street sounds and not instruments in a studio). My desire with projects in the near future is to explore the ways in which organic sound can imitate our concepts of "electronic music" and electronic instruments, while continuing to work with electronic sounds that are not designed to mimic organic sounds and have no parallel or equivalent in the real world. In this piece you will hear the juxtaposition and tension between the noisiness of our organic world and hear it transformed by various audio effects. Rather than hearing those sounds you recognize and labeling them as such, attempt to hear all sound in this work as equally musical and artificial. At the end of the day, it is all coming from a computer and has nothing to do with the original experience captured in the field recordings. A002 was debuted at the Anderson Gallery at Stanford University on October 1st, 2015 and was strongly influenced by the colocation of the Rothko and Pollock works."

Friday and Saturday evening: Raquel Boluda is a dancer, dance activist and transpersonal somatic therapist. Raquel is the founder of Alchemy Spinning, a holotropic whirling dance platform.
Friday and Saturday evening: Erin Alexi Huestis has worked extensively in the New York while studying and practicing with some of the top choreographers and ballet companies of the city.