San Jose State Univ's CADRE

This joint CADRE/LAST project will launch on September 17 and will result in a special issue of the LAST magazine, to go live in mid November. Below two notes, from the LAST Magazine founder and from the CADRE director.
The CADRE Laboratory for New Media Art (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) at San Jose State University is a pioneering institution of Digital Media Art: It was founded in 1985, so way before the whole Silicon Valley craze.

I originally contacted the current director, Craig Hobbs (an artist, writer, and filmmaker), to see if he was interested in being interviewed for the magazine and to write an article on CADRE. So far we have mostly covered the LASER talks (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) of the Bay Area, and i felt it was time to review not just talks but also entire labs. This started a conversation that resulted in an experimental project: his Graduate Seminar in Digital Media Art of this Fall 2019 will become an issue of the LAST magazine, produced by his students.

Let me backtrack a little bit. First Josh and now Brooke have been working on an online version of the magazine that will include all the texts of the printed magazine plus multimedia content (eg video interviews). The CADRE students will produce (in the course of two months) a special online issue of the LAST magazine that will be about CADRE. This will be both their research and their art practice, and it will be about themselves.

Roya, one of our contributors who happens to be a CADRE alumna, has volunteered to follow this project and to interview the former director, Joel Slayton, who was also exec director of Zero1 and, last but not least, the curator of our LAST festivals #4 and 5 So this collaboration will result in printed articles and in an entire CADRE-developed website.

I think this is an interesting experiment, and potentially a template for similar experiments with other labs (UCSC OpenLab, Stochastic Labs, etc). If you know any lab in your area that is an art/tech/science lab, let me know: they may be interested in starting a similar project.

There is a trend in the world of interdisciplinary humanities to consider art practices as research methods. The practitioners refer to this as "research-creation". If you want to know more about the rise of research-creation, there is Natalie Loveless' recent book "How to Make Art at the End of the World" (2019).

Piero Scaruffi, LAST Magazine founder.

The LAST Magazine in partnership with San Jos State University's CADRE Media Lab will partner with Digital Media Art (DMA) graduate students in Fall 2019 to publish a ground-breaking online edition: *Issue #3 LAST x CADRE*.

Deploying advanced web programming in JavaScript, 3D, VR, interactive and short essays, *LAST x CADRE* will address issues of art, globalization and technology in the 21st century through new modes of research, praxis and online publishing.

Craig Hobbs, CADRE director.

We had the first meeting with the CADRE graduate students on September 17. We started calling this special issue an "episode" as if it were a TV show. The students floated ideas about a new model of publishing that could employ virtual reality, projection mapping, videogames and intelligent assistants. A reference for the container could be the Digital Museum of Digital Art or Panther Modern.