Join the LAST team

Internships and Volunteer Positions

The L.A.S.T. (Life Art Science Tech) festival organized by the nonprofit Thymos Foundation, is a weekend-long interdisciplinary event structured around four programs:
  • Interactive multimedia art installations (the Art Expo)
  • Inspirational talks by luminaries on cutting-edge technology and science (the Symposium "Engineering the Future")
  • A mini-symposium on how digital media impact life, mind, society ("Homo Digitalis")
  • Live performances
meant to represent the creativity of the Bay Area in the sciences, the arts and the technology. Check out There have been 3 editions in 3 prestigious locations: San Jose 2014, San Francisco 2014 and Stanford 2015.

You can view the previous stellar lineups of speakers and artists by clicking here:
The first LAST festival (San Jose, June 2014)
The second LAST festival (San Francisco, October 2014)
The third LAST festival (Stanford University, October 2015)

The next one will take place in San Jose in April 2017.

The festival is entirely organized by unpaid volunteer who believe in the mission of creating free interdisciplinary events mixing art and science with top-notch speakers and artists.

We are currently looking for local and nonlocal volunteers, as well as interns, to help (on an occasional or permanent basis) on these chores (feel free to forward):

  • Looking for more volunteers :-)
  • Helping the artists setup the day before and run their installations during the festival
  • Documenting the festival with videos and pictures
  • Designing promotional material (posters postcards bookmarks)
  • Software. Website/Graphics Designer for, and other pages. You must be fluent in HTML/css.
  • Helping organize the panels on how the digital media are changing the way we live, socialize and think.
  • Social Media Manager to develop and promote campaigns
  • Public Relations Manager to contact traditional media (newspapers, magazines, tv stations, radio stations, museums...), both local and remote
  • Creative writing and social media contributor. We need someone to contact newspapers, magazines, radio stations, tv stations, blogs, and not only spread the word but try to get feature articles and interviews. We have compiled a list. Now we need someone who is good at this.
  • Partnerships with startups. We would like to offer space to hightech companies to demonstrate new gadgets (drones, 3d printers, robots...) We need someone who is familiar with the tech world and can 1. compile a list of startups to invite 2. invite the startups 3. organize a "Makers" section within the festival in which the public will get to play with these gadgets. You need to be really uptodate on the world of hightech.
  • Grant writer and fund raiser. We feel that we could potentially attract the attention of grant agencies such as the NEA and private philanthropies. We need someone who is good at writing grants (or willing to learn how to do it) and submit grants wherever it makes sense for and art/science festival which is quite unique. At the same time we have compiled a list of philanthropies to approach. We need someone who is good at "communications" and can write letters, send emails, make phone calls and then organize presentations and file applications.
  • Crowdfunding. This is the 3rd edition of the festival, which has always been organized with a budget of $0. We feel that we could do a much better job if we had money to pay the artists, the speakers, the venue, etc instead of depending on their good will. We could also use some money to publicize the event. We need someone who knows how to run a Kickstarted/Indiegogo campaign and is willing to invest some time in launching it.
  • Creative writing to add content about art/science/tech interaction to social media and websites
Some of these tasks can be done from home: they just require a computer and an Internet connection. Even if you cannot physically be at the location of the current festival, you can still help in many ways.

The only requirement is that you check your email frequently, otherwise it gets difficult to coordinate with the rest of the group.

Contact the founding director: piero at lastfestival dot org