Leonardo Day
of the first "Big Bang" conference at U.C. Berkeley

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Berkeley's New Media Festival titled "Big Bang" will be a two-day academic conference, augmented with a digital art exhibitions, social events and campus events. One day will be devoted to the Berkeley Center for New Media and directed by Richard Rinehart (Digital Media Director & Adjunct Curator, Berkeley Art Museum University of California at Berkeley, 2625 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA, 94720-2250). The other day will be hosted by Leonardo ISAST, as an extension of the celebrations for Leonardo's 40th birthday.

This Berkeley festival will be coordinated with and timed to occur immediately before a similar festival in San Jose titled "ZeroOne San Jose" that will take place June 4-8 and will include many more exhibitions, performances, a few talks, and no conference, estimated to involve 20,000 people. The San Jose event and the Berkeley event will cross-market each other. The Berkeley event will differentiate itself by adopting the typical academic format of a conference/symposium. However the two events expect to share the same audience (see below). However, Berkeley will keep it free and open to the general public.

The Berkeley Art Museum will provide the venues for the Berkeley conference.

The first day (June 2) will be managed by Berkeley's Center for New Media. The theme for the first day will be: "Embodiment" (the role of the human body in an increasingly digitally-mediated experience). On the first afternoon starting at 3pm there will be demos and other happenings around the campus. At 6pm an exhibition will open with social events. Some other exhibition may open later in the night. This way the audience will leave the conference at 3pm and start wondering around the campus till late evening.

Leonardo day - 3 June 2008

"Remix: From Science to Art and Back in the Digital Age"