[Anti]disciplinary Topographies

8-12 September 2021

If you like the LASER program, you may want to check out [Anti]disciplinary Topographies, created by the Global Network of LASER Hosts in partnership with the University of Art and Design Linz for Ars Electronica.

From 8 to 12 September, Leonardo will be a critical node in the Ars Electronica Gardens with talks, performances and online exhibitions by artists, scientists, humanists and technologists from 5 continents and 47 cities worldwide.



The program includes:

  • "Epicurus Garden on Fire" is a choreographic VR artwork with a brain-computer interface about Brazil's environmental crisis. LASER Sao Paulo
  • "Proximal Fields" is an artistic tour of the microorganisms, dust specs and other invisible guests at the Fields Institute. LASER Toronto
  • "We Are Not Alone" is comprised of poetic interventions that invite us to meditate on our shared planet. LASER Fortaleza
  • "Microbes Performing in Zoom: Uncertain Co-Authors" is a hybrid live performance about the mutual decline of microbial and linguistic diversity. LASER Vienna
  • "Choros - Through the Shared Memory of Making Together," is a multimodal networked performance highlighting the body as instrument and primal matter for sound making. LASER Cambridge
  • "Slowness 2.0" is a multimodal presentation forming a prismatic expression of slowness in the performing arts - an invitation to dwell on experience. LASER Montreal
  • "Adaptation and Interconnected Agencies: Designs for a Cooler Planet/ Helsinki Design Week in Otaniemi" is a panel discussion addressing environmental, geopolitical and perceptual changes affecting living and non-living entities in the Arctic region. LASER Helsinki/Espoo
  • "Is There Any Time Left?" is a speculative dialogue about challenges relating to artistic research and practice in a time of profound environmental urgency. LASER Mexico
  • "Growing the Growers" is an online exhibition of the food-growing year in Schumacher College's Henri's Field and the Walled Garden at Dartington. LASER Totnes
  • "Your Health: Wild, Cultivated or In-Vitro Plants!" is a multimodal exploration of how and why our food production will change in the future to incorporate the concepts of wild plants, cultivated plants and in-vitro plants. LASER Zurich
  • "Moana Digitalities: A Talanoa," is a conversation about digitalization's potential to bring Moana communities a more equitable and inclusive future. LASER Auckland
  • "Gloves Off: A Performative Debate about DIY Labs and Citizen Science," raises critical issues at this precarious time, when genomic information is widely accessible. LASER New York City
  • "Urgent Since a Long Time Now: A Sonic Collage & Cut-Up & Cut Away," is a transnational collaboration using poetry, deep listening and the power of the voice to decolonize knowledge. LASER Nomad
  • "The Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences" is a creative exploration of embodied thinking, as evidenced by microbial behavior. LASER Pasadena
  • "Talking about Research, Education and Health with Science and Art" is an artistic documentation of research about health and well-being conducted with the residents and patients of Brazilian slums. LASER Rio de Janeiro
  • "In Place: Representing Environmental Racism on Tribal Lands and Communities of Color" is a conversation examining the legacy of extractive industries and resource exploitation in New Mexico. LASER Santa Fe
  • "Communities and Collaborative Art Practice from Local to Global" is a conversation and interdisciplinary storytelling collaboration, community building and cross-cultural communication. LASER St. Petersburg
  • "Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Vision: Humanizing Digital Culture with the New Creativity Agenda & the UNSDGs", Leonardo/ISAST CEO Diana Ayton-Shenker
  • "Speculative Futures in Transmissible Cancers: In Search of Chemozoa, Cockles, and Clams" LASER Tempe with boredomresearch (UK), Michael Metzger (US), Pamela Winfrey (US)
  • "Dyscorpia." Virtual exhibition and video archive speculating future intersections between the body and technology. LASER Alberta organized by Marilene Oliver (CA)