A Timeline of Androids and Automata

by piero scaruffi

The Bible's Adam
The Talmud's Golem
Al-Jazari's mechanical devices (13th c)
Strassbourg's clock (1350)
Johannes Muller's flying machines (15th c)
Philipp Immser's clock (1555)
Hans Bullmann's androids (16th c)
Leonardo da Vinci's lion (16th c)
Isaac Habrecht 's clocks (16th c)
Gianello Torriani's automata (16th c)
Christiaan Huygens' automata (17th c)
Tommaso Francini 's grottoes at Saint-Germain-en-Laye (17th c)
Jacques de Vaucanson's Duck (1737)
Lorenz Rosenegge's mechanical theater at Heilbrunn (1725)
Friedrich von Knauss's writer (1760)
Pierre Jaquet-Doz's Writer, Draughtsman and Musician (178#)
Henri Maillardet's Magician and Draughtsman-Writer (18th c)
Japan's Karakuri puppets
Joseph Faber's Euphonia (19th c)
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