Joseph Ledoux:
SYNAPTIC SELF (Penguin, 2002)

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The book tries to find the neural correlate of the self. LeDoux makes a bit of a mistake at the beginning when he clumsily tries to define the self. One knows (or, at least, feels) what the self is, but i suspect that few readers will identify with Ledoux's convoluted definition of the self.

No surprise then that the book rapidly becomes a primer on neurophysiology, albeit a very interesting one. Ledoux elucidates methods and findings of the last few years. Those findings are certainly relevant to come up with a neural theory of the self, but, at this stage, they are more like an enumeration of experiments than an organic theory. Ledoux does not quite explain how the self is born out of the integration of the holy trilogy of thoughts, motivation and emotion, nor does he quite explain what these are.

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